Mission Possible

This video tells the story of an assigned
mission and is targeted to all credit union
employees in order to introduce, create
excitement and allay fears about the
upcoming Core Operating Systems
conversion to C U Answers.
Music: Mission
Impossible theme
 Picture: (Background
color black)Animate
image to move across
screen as if it is
burning. Once it burns
out add as callout
Music: Mission
Impossible music fades
to background
throughout video.
 Picture: “Cube Rotate”
 Narration: Good
Afternoon, Field
Agent. Your special
talents are needed to
ensure the success of a
new mission.
Picture: “Cube Rotate”
Add callout: “Target”
across the picture in
 Narration For this
mission, your target
will be the new Core
Processing System
known as CU Answers.
Picture: “Cube Rotate”
Narration You have been
assigned this mission
because a new system is
needed to deliver even
better service to our
members. While no
system is ever perfect,
many of the features of
“your target” are equal
or better than what we
have now.
Picture: Add in one at a time
with narration. “Cube Rotate”
house, “Page turn” the rest.
 Narration: Examples of some
of the features of your target
 Full integration of Mortgage
Information into core and
online banking
 Improvement in account
opening process
 Robust data collection,
tracking and reporting
 Instant access to step by step
guides for unfamiliar
Picture: “Cube Rotate”
Narration: You will be
provided with a team to
help you. Special Agents,
who have been
specifically trained for
this mission, will be
posted in each
department and branch,
both during the mission
planning period and
during the actual
Picture: “Cube Rotate”
Narration: Senior field
agents will schedule
training during the
mission planning
period and will provide
ongoing support.
Picture: “Cube Rotate”
Narration: Tools will be
provided including
online training,
classroom training,
and hands on practice.
Picture: “Cube Rotate”.
Circle date with sketch
motion circle, red
 Narration: Target date
for the mission is
Tuesday, March 11,
2014. Your mission
planning period will
commence on January
6th, 2014.
Picture: “Cube Rotate”
Communication will be
critical during this
mission. Top Secret
updates will be delivered
electronically. Special
Agents will participate in
weekly conference calls,
and will keep track of
mission progress.
Picture: “Cube Rotate”
Narration: Remember,
your special talents are
critical to the
successful completion
of this mission. It will
take everyone working
together to get this
Picture: “Cube Rotate”
Narration: Your mission,
should you choose to
accept it, is to uncover
the necessary
information to perform
your job even better on
the new core system, CU
As always, these
instructions will self
destruct in 10 seconds.
Music: Bring up
volume of mission
impossible theme.
 Picture: After 10
seconds, use
“Dissolve” to transition
to this picture.
 Use motion X to cross
out the IM of
Picture: “Dissolve” into
black background with
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