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Hands-on Lab: Introduction to BO Analysis
Dr. Bjarne Berg
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In This Session
Exercises that empower the user to maneuver through the tool and add
dimensions and applying measures
Introduction to concepts and functions that are used to manipulate data
Creation of filters to reduce the size of data that is returned
Meet Today's Assistants
Rob Frye
 Manager of ComeritLabs
Michael Barker
 SAP BOBJ Developer
Michael Vavlitis
 SAP BOBJ Developer
SAP BusinessObjects Analysis
• Two editions: OLAP and MS Office
• Create Office-based OLAP analysis and analytical
• Connect to BW or SAP HANA
applications (MS Excel or PowerPoint)
• Create calculations on the fly
• Organize and rank data with hierarchies
SAP BusinessObjects Analysis
Allows for multi-dimensional ad-hoc analysis of OLAP sources in Excel
Ability to interact with data
Enables Excel workbook-based application design
Creation of BI presentations in PowerPoint
OLAP version is accessed through BI Launchpad in a web browser
Computer-Based Training Structure
Computer-Based Training Structure
Picking the Right BusinessObjects Tool
Navigating this Lab Session
Use these buttons to access each portion of the training material.
Navigating this Lab Session
Access the digital form of your instruction manual (PDF format)
View the video with full commentary within the browser
Open the hands-on simulation inside the webpage or in the
recommended full screen mode (Press F11 for full screen mode)
Analysis Training Exercises
Basic 1 (Office) Exercise
Company login, add
dimensions and measures.
Sections and breaks will
also be covered
Basic 2 (Office) Exercise
Emphasizes on the main
points from Basic 1 while
introducing the Turn Into
function to manipulate sales
organization data
It is recommended to complete each exercise sequentially in order to fully understand the material.10
Analysis Training Exercises
Basic 1 (OLAP)
Login, add dimensions,
measures, and objects by
using the Sales cube to create
a view on an overall analysis
Basic 2 (OLAP)
Add dimensions and measures
with more emphasis on utilizing
filters to reduce returned Sales
data. Covers the Turn Into
function for charts/tables
It is recommended to complete each exercise sequentially in order to fully understand the material.11
Tips for Taking the Training
Standard courtesy: Use provided headphones for videos
Watch the videos in full screen mode (Press F11 upon launch)
Complete the exercises in sequence
Use the instruction manual as a guide to the hands-on simulations
7 Key Points to Remember
SAP Analysis, edition for Microsoft Office, is an Office add-in that allows
for multi-dimensional ad-hoc analysis of OLAP sources in Excel
SAP Analysis, edition for OLAP, is a web-based analysis tool that helps
users gain insight into data and make impactful performance decisions
Follow the sequence to understand the exercises more fully
Take advantage of the full commentary videos
Read all the information bubbles in the simulations
Visit the Bonus Materials section if you want a break from the exercises
or finish early
If you get stuck, feel free to ask for assistance
Today’s Exercises
Your Turn!
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[email protected]
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