Act III, Scenes ii & iii
Is Emilia part of Iago’s plot, or does she truly
believe that Iago is saddened by what happened
to Cassio?
So far, there has been nothing to
suggest that Emilia is aware of Iago’s
plans. Like everyone else, she is
fooled by Iago’s act.
Cassio knows he is going to get his job back, so
what worries him now?
By being absent from the job,
Cassio fears he may lose Othello’s
favor (loyalty).
For what two reasons does Desdemona agree to
plead Cassio’s case?
Desdemona agrees because:
1. Cassio asked her.
2. She thinks she would be doing
her husband a favor by reuniting
the two long-time friends.
What is Iago referring to when he says, “Ha, I
like not that”?
As Iago and Othello walk toward
Desdemona, Iago sees Cassio slip
away. Again, Iago uses this for his
own purpose.
Desdemona pleads Cassio’s case, and Othello agrees to
reinstate him. What happens next?
Othello asks Desdemona to leave
him alone for a short time, so she
leaves. Iago now has time to work
on planting the seed of jealousy in
After Othello repeatedly urges Iago to tell him what is
on his mind, Iago says,
“O beware, my lord, of jealousy;
It is the green-eyed monster, which doth mock
The meat it feeds on.”
What is Othello’s response?
Before Othello will get jealous, he
will have to see some proof of
Desdemona’s infidelity.
What does Iago say about women of
Iago says that women of Venice
allow the gods to see things that
they dare not show their husbands.
In other words, Iago is saying that
infidelity among Venetian women is
very common.
Why might Othello be inclined to believe this or,
at least, not dismiss it immediately?
Othello is a foreigner and someone
who, because he has spent most of
his life in the army, is not familiar
with the ways of women.
Who echoes Brabantio’s earlier warning to
Iago reminds Othello that
Desdemona deceived her father
when she married Othello.
She also appeared frightened by
Othello’s tales of war but in actuality
was in love with him.
In his duplicitous (two-faced) fashion, what bold
statement does Iago make about Desdemona
and Othello?
Iago claims to fear that Desdemona
may compare Othello to some of her
handsome, young countrymen and
regret having married him.
Desdemona’s handkerchief becomes an important piece of stage business.
Why did Desdemona produce it? What happens to it? What does Emilia
plan to do with it? Finally, who gets it, and what is to be done with it?
Desdemona tries to place the handkerchief
on Othello’s head (he has a headache), but
he brushes it off, letting it fall on the floor.
Emilia picks it up, saying that Iago has
asked her to steal it.
She gives it to Iago.
Iago plans to plant it in Cassio’s room as
proof of Desdemona’s unfaithfulness.
Othello returns and is very upset at this point.
What warning does he give Iago?
Othello warns Iago that he needs to
be able to prove what he said about
Desdemona or he will be no better
than if he had been “born a dog.”
What proof of Desdemona’s disloyalty does Iago
give Othello?
Iago says that one night
(presumably while sharing guard
duty), he shared a bed with Cassio.
Cassio talked in his sleep and even
kissed Iago hard on the lips,
thinking Iago was Desdemona.
What is Iago’s final proof?
Iago saw Cassio wipe his face with
the handkerchief that Othello had
given Desdemona.
At this point, what is Othello’s mood?
Othello is enraged and calling for
Desdemona’s blood.
Othello’s character: Passion/emotion
has taken over reason/intellect
Othello makes Iago his lieutenant. What task is
Iago to perform?
Within three days, Iago is to kill
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