Activity 1.11


What are the stages in a hero’s journey?

Explain each stage.


Epic – a long narrative about the deeds of heroes or gods. It can be in prose or poetry.

The Road of Trials

Remember: the ‘road of trials’ is the second stage in a hero’s journey. This is where we see the trials (or tests) the hero must undergo.


This epic tells of the Greek warrior, Odysseus, and his nostos, or journey home to Greece. The journey takes ten years, which Odysseus and his men have many adventures. In this excerpt, they venture into the cave of the Cyclops Polyphemus and become trapped.


Graphic organizer

As you read the epic, take notes on the character of Odysseus as you read.

After reading

Select six significant events from the story of Cyclops that would be excellent visual representations (You are not drawing, simply choose what would be a good visual). In the ‘my notes’ section sketch your ideas next to the appropriate section. This activity will help prepare you for your second embedded assessment where you’ll create a graphic novel.


 What point of view is the story told?

 Explain how the story might change if told from a different point of view (another character)

Writing Prompt (grade)

Describe how Odysseus is a heroic figure. In your response, use words from the Word Wall that describe heroic traits or qualities. Include specific evidence from the text for support.

When completing the writing prompt, remember to follow the restate, answer, and support strategy.

Homework if not completed in class