Yr 8 poetry/classics: POLYPHEMUS

• Odysseus has angered a range of Gods at and after the fall of
• He is travelling home with his companions
• By book X of the poem, they have had a range of adventures
before meeting:
Son of Poseidon
Lives in a community of cyclopes
Herds sheep
Excessively violent when drunk
Prone to want to eat man-flesh
Not the sharpest tool in the box.
• Summarising and transforming texts
• Read and note the key events in the order in which they happen
• Note any strong imagery being used
• Turn the story around…
• What is the narrative view of the Odyssey?
• If you had to write a diary or a letter, what would be different?
• How many products used in the 21st century can you find which
use the cyclops name or idea in their names or descriptions?
• Why do they use it and is it a good choice for their product?