Levels of Leadership PPT - IDC 4UE Mrs. Williams

The Big Idea
To be aware if the different levels of Leadership, where
you, as a leader, are now, and how to develop your skills in
order to move to the next levels
Learning Goal
We will learn the levels of leadership & recognize where we
fall as a leader
Success Criteria
What are the “look fors”?
How will I (as the teacher) know that you have met this
What is leadership? How do we define it?
Dictionary: “The position or function of a leader”
• Too vague
So, then ask: What does a leader do that others do not?
Criteria for effective leaders?
Leaders make decisions.
Followers follow those decisions that are made.
The kind of leader one is, depends on the kind of decisions
that are made and the actions that flow from these
Think about the quiz you just took!
Refer to handout: Four Levels of Leadership Model
Four Levels of Leadership
Level 1: The Doer
Level 2: The Achiever
Level 3: The Manager
Level 4: The Guide
The Doer
Decision: Responsibility
“I accept the responsibility for my actions & follow through”
Sometimes this means making a decision to accept
someone else’s leadership, and then deciding to be
responsible in the follow through.
Ex: students who consistently follow through on what they
say they will do are level 1 leaders
The Achiever
Decision: Independence
“I accept the responsibility for my actions & follow through”
Can walk into a room & not only see what NEEDS to be done
but also BEGIN to DO IT
Don’t require hand-holding
Looks for opportunities to be responsible & has has the ability to
responsibly handle individual projects.
Motto: “If is is to be, it is up to me”
Not required to delegate or share, only to accomplish the tasks
they set for themselves
The Manager
Decision: Delegation
“I can delegate successfully & motivate a team to
accomplish a common goal together”
Make decisions to increase their influence beyond
Understand that great accomplishments are beyond the
scope of a single person & will learn to manage a team of
Will develop the skill to keep a group of people focused on
a common objective
The Guide
Decision: Influence & Humility
“I can help groups create success without needing the credit. My
presence in any group enables that group to perform at their
Creates success by learning how to help other leaders at ALL
Ex. Coaches and teachers
Increase the success of every group regardless of their “title” or
Learn to decide how many & which kinds of decisions are most
Responsible for helping others in the group advance to new
levels of leadership capability
Form groups of 3
Look at your Levels of Leadership quiz
2. Decide what level of leadership each answer
represents (start to identify the levels of leadership
through actions)
3. Using the scoring sheet, determine what level you are
4. Discuss: Accuracy vs your own self-perception of
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