Lab 2 presentation

Ken McFarland
Pascal Matengo
Lab Overview
Measure flow of water using three
different flow meters
 Measure flow manually to obtain actual
flow rate
 Use known flow rates and meter reading
to construct calibration curves for each
Lab Purpose
Gain experience with calibration curves
 Familiarization with flow meters
 Gain additional experience with LabView
Simplest type
Operator read
Height of bob
corresponds to rate
of flow
Height * Constant =
Flow Rate
Our constant was
Orifice Plate
Constricts flow to
create pressure
differential between
two sides of plate
Pressure differential
is proportional to
flow rate
Create calibration
curve as with
Magnetic Flow Meter
Most sophisticated meter
 Easily computer monitored
 Displays flow rate as a percent of the
maximum measureable flow rate
 Percent is displayed visually on the
meter, and as a voltage that is
monitored via computer
Magnetic Flow Meter VI
Top is raw voltage
VI takes voltage
from meter and
multiplies it by
conversion factor
Final output is flow
rate in kg/s
Bottom is final VI
Max flow rate was
2.11 kg/s
This lab
demonstrated how
to use Rotameter
and Magnetic flow
rate meters
Found constants to
relate meter
readings to flow
Learned to create
calibration curves
Read the lab
Think about how to
do lab
Insure all meters are
working correctly