Jmessanger Project

Ryan, Phil, Hans, Taylor, Dan, David, Andrew, and
Blaine introduce -
Table of Contents
Purpose and Business Context
 UML Use Case Diagrams
Implementation of New Code
 Diagram of how it works
 State Diagrams
Purpose and Business Context of
Create a chat program that will allow
internal communication for the company.
Allows for increased security over non
company approved chat programs
available online.
Increases production by allowing for
quick and efficient communication.
UML Old Use Case
UML New Use Case
Connect Menu -Connect to Server
-Enter IP Address
-Enter Port
-Start Server
3 Key Principles of
Quality Assurance
1. Test at many levels (manual and auto)
○ To insure stability throughout the product
2. Automate tests
○ Quickly find regressions
3. Assess code coverage
○ Identify areas of code that are untested
Hudson Continuous Integration
 Monitors repository for changes
 Triggers the build process
 Executes automated tests
 Generates code coverage/JUnit reports
 Does not write the code for you 
Implementation of New Code
HTTP server and HTTP client
 New Menu
HTTP Client
• Start HTTP Service
• Open Network Ports
• Establish Connection
• Connect to server via HTTP
• Send / Receive Messages
HTTP Server : 80
Overview of all State Diagrams
Starting Server Instance
Handling Incoming HTTP Request
Responding with HTTP Response
Client Send