Nehemiah Chap 3 - Christ Baptist Church


They were Motivated

They were Dedicated

They were Cooperative

Chap 1 – Nehemiah, a man of God in prayer

Listening to the report on Jerusalem

Weeping over the ruins of Jerusalem

Praying to a glorious God to rebuild, repair, & recover

Chap 2 – Faith in Action

Decision point – stepping out in faith … at any cost

Build a plan

Meet the resistance

When you face a big task, what helps you accomplish it?

Read Nehemiah 3.

When Nehemiah faced the huge task of rebuilding the wall, he found an easier way to accomplish it.

What was his strategy?

How did the priests, who were leaders, view the manual work of rebuilding the wall? Why?

 Compare vs 1 with vs 5

 What principle do you see in James 4:17?

How did Nehemiah view labor? Why?

So whoever knows the right thing to do and fails to do it, for him it is sin.

James 4:17

How does Nehemiah’s view of manual labor compare with yours?

Note the number of times the phrase “next to him” is used.

What is the significant to you?

Have you ever been involved with a successful team effort in sports, business, or church?

 What is the single most important ingredient to the success of a team?

How is teamwork in a church supposed to work?

 Corinthians 12:12 - 26


Involve of everyone

The entire city gave itself over for 52 days

Its not just the Pastor or hired staff, but ministry of the church belongs to the congregation


Work together


Cooperation -Work where you are placed strategically by God


Complete your assignment

How does God choose laborers?

Who helped Shallum repair their section of the wall? Vs 12

 How has God used women in building His kingdom?

Luke 2:36-38

John 20:1-2

John 20:10-18

Acts 16:14 & 15

Acts 21:9

How did Nehemiah determine who would work where?

In God’s kingdom, is some work more important than other work?

What work is God giving you to do?

(Your work might include things you have been doing for some time, and/or something new.)

 If you don’t know how to answer this question, it could be something you pray about.

What goes through your mind when you think about what God has given you to do or what He might be giving you?

Are you refusing to do it?

Listen for God’s Word

Listen for God’s Voice

Listen to God’s People

Look for God’s Fingerprints

Take a step of faith

Get into the Bible

Pray/Worship in the Spirit

Seek wise counsel

Seek providential circumstances

Obey what you know

Source: Johnny and Beth Evens, 2012