Legislative Branch Day 1

Warm-up #3
• What is the main function of the
Legislative Branch?
• What did you learn about your state
Legislative Branch Reading
• Now we are going to read more about the
Legislative Branch
• Use the information from your reading to
complete the Legislative Branch Worksheet.
• http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VvXj5YZsZjM
Legislative Branch
What does the Legislative Branch do?
– The Legislative Branch makes law.
• What is another name for the Legislative Branch?
– Another name for the Legislative Branch is
• Why are all states equally represented in the Senate?
– Representation in the senate is equal because each
state is represented by two members.
• Why do some states have more representatives in the
House of Representatives?
– Some states have more representatives in the House
of Representatives because they have larger
Which house does a bill go to first?
– Bills go to the House of Representatives for
approval first.
• If a bill is approved in the House of Representatives,
where does it go next?
– If a bill is approved in the House of
Representatives, it goes to the Senate for approval.
• Where does a bill go if the Senate approves it?
– If the Senate approves a bill to goes to the President
for approval.
• If the Senate doesn’t approve a bill, where does it go?
– If the Senate rejects a bill it dies.
• Who can deny, or veto, a bill (stop it from
becoming a law)?
–The President can veto a bill.
• What happens if the President vetoes a
–If the President vetoes a bill it either dies
or gets sent back to congress to be
• Name and describe two powers of the
Congress/Legislative Branch?
– Declare war
– Raise federal taxes
Review your notes and Legislative Branch
Finish the video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VvXj5YZsZjM