Legislative Branch project

By Jaden Zurn
The Legislative branch was made to create laws
for the nation, especially since the Constitution
couldn’t cover every topic, because they had no
idea what the world would be like in 300 years.
The legislative branch along with all the other
branches of government meet at The Capitol
Building in Washington D.C!
The legislative branch helps pass a law and
checks these laws over to make sure that we
don’t accidentally pass a law that would be bad
for our country. If the legislative branch did not
exist we would be
passing laws
that would do us
no good or
could deeply affect
our countries
future like using nuclear weapons or
something of that sort.
535 in the US federal legislative branch.
435 are in the House of Representatives, 100 in
the Senate.
Get a campaign committee to deal with public
Pay the filing fee, but in some states there are
ways to not have pay the fee.
Visit the elections office and get 60 signatures
stating that you should be a senator. Signatures
must be from people in the same political party as
you, though. Such as Democrat or Republican.
Official voting results are in the elections office, so
you can find out if you are an official senator now!
Only people that live in the US, are 30 years old
or more, and lived in the US 9 years or more
can be qualified for election to be a senator. A
term for a Senator is 6 years long and a third of
the Senators are elected every 2 years. Also a
term for a Senator begins on January 3rd
There are 100 senators 2 from each state, our two
are Herb Kohl and Russ Fiengold.
Know your politics
Join a political party
Be a citizen of the United States seven years or
Be 21 years old or older.
A term for a rep is 2 years long.
Tammy Baldwin
Steve Kagen
Ron Kind
Gwen Moore
David Obey
Thomas Petri
Paul Ryan
James Sensenbrenner
Michael Huebsch is our presiding officer of
Wisconsin he is a republican that likes to fish.
To impeach is to accuse someone of something
while in a important government job. Only the
Senate has the power to impeach, they have a
court case which determines whether or not the
rep will be removed from office. Once the
House agrees, impeachment is figured out by
the Senate. During the entire thing the Senate is
the jury. Only the Senate can get rid of a
rep. When the case ends the Senate votes to get
rid of the rep. There has to be a 2/3 for the
official to be kicked out.
First you start out with an idea, this then becomes
a bill which must be approved by a committee
in the House of representatives. Then it needs
to have a quorum to be accepted, a quorum is 1
over half of the people or 218 members of the
House. After this it goes to the Senate
committee, soon after it goes to the Senate
itself. Then both the House and the Senate hold
a joint committee. If during any of this process
it does not reach the correct amount of votes it
dies. The rest of the process will be continued
on the next page.
If it passes the joint committee it goes to the
president of the United States Barrack Obama,
if he okay’s it then the bill becomes a law if not
it is vetoed and the bill is sent back to the
House where there is another quorum but, it
includes the Senate this time, it requires a 2/3
vote, if it makes the 2/3 vote then the
presidents veto is over ruled and it becomes
The Congress is in charge of collecting taxes, the money goes
towards debts, the army, and for essential stuff, like schools
and stores or paving roads, etc. Congress has the power to
print money.
The Congress has the power “regulate” trade to foreign
countries (like Poland!)
The Congress is responsible for defending our country. The
congress also has the power to declare war on other
Congress has the power to make important stuff like a post
office. They also make laws for copyrights, so someone’s
idea isn’t stolen if it’s their idea.
No Bill of Ex post facto law can be passed. Ex post
facto laws are laws that punish someone for
what they did before the law stated that it is
No laws could be passed outlawing slave trade
till 1808.
A person can have a case in court no matter how
bad the crime is.
You can’t be sent into prison without a chance to
attend a court trial.
Congress can’t tax from a state.
It can’t give a preference to a states seaport.
No title of nobility like King, or Prince, can given
by the US.
Government money can’t be spent except for if a
new law is being past.
No I would not want to be a member of the
Legislative branch, it holds to much
responsibility. I just want to be a regular Joe
with a regular job. Not making laws and
attending court cases. I’m fine with being a
normal American.
I would make it so that kids attending school
would be able to eat, not only during lunch but
in all classes, but certain types of food wouldn’t
be allowed like chocolate cake. Also you can’t
have a dinner buffet on your desk but
moderately healthy food or better would be
Without it old laws would still be in effect,
government wouldn’t be able to tax. Then with
no money the government would crumble and
the US would be a land filled with looters and
thieves, the country would be in chaos. The
United States would be a developing country
with no valuable resources.