The Bishop - e-CTLT

(Teaching of Drama)
1) Mrs Anju
2)Mr Ashok
3)Mr Himmat
The Bishop’s candlesticks
1) Read the following questions and select the best option.
The convict steals the candlesticks because
he was hungry and wanted money badly which he could get by selling
II. He was lured by the temptation of silver candlesticks.
III. He was regular offender
IV. None of these
b) The Bishop denies to inform the police about the stealing of candlesticks
by the convict
he was afraid of convict
II. He believed in forgiveness and reformation
III. He did not want to send the convict back to prison.
IV. The candlesticks were useless to him and wanted to get rid of them.
C) --------- reforms the convict
the long sermon of Bishop
II. Bishop’s Goodness and kindness
III. The fear of police and prison
IV. A feeling of self guilt by convict
D) Persome did not agree with Bishop in giving away the
candlesticks to the convict.
i. She hated the convict
ii. She was cruel and unsentimental
iii. She did not believe on convict and thought he may
harm the Bishop
iv. She was worldly wise
• The correct order.
Persome and marie have a conversation over soup.
II. Persome expresses her concern over disposing of the salt cellers
III. Bishop shows his intimacy and affinity to candlesticks
IV. A convict breaks into their house
V. Bishop treats the conflict in friendly manner and offers him
supper and place to rest.
VI. Bishop and persome goes to sleep
VII. The convict runs away stealthily with the candlesticks.
VIII. The sergeant enters with the convict
IX. Bishop recognizes the convict as his friend.
X. Convict’s soul purifies and determines to lead a good life
Listening Activity
a) Innocent b) Cunning c) caring d) penitent
The Bishop
a) Pious b) Concerned c) Wild d) Forgiving
a) Generous b) Sentimental c) Suspicious d) Stern
Listening Activity
a) Innocent b) Cunning c) caring d) penitent
• Persome realises the power of love and
forgiveness. She repents her conduct and
apologises to the bishop.Imagine yourself as
Persome and write her feelings in form of a
diary entry.
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