tell-show-mean ppt - Mrsadcocksfreshmenclass

Analytical Essay
Write this at the top of your page
• Write a critical review for ONE of your
independent books that you have completed so
far this year. Do not focus on your
recommendation of the book, but rather the
effectiveness in which the author conveys a
specific theme.
• In other words, discuss the way the author of
your book conveys a specific theme throughout
the piece. Begin with a summary followed by an
in depth analysis of one quote. Conclude by
connecting that specific moment to the work as a
whole and to the world today.
Tell-Show-Mean format
• Tell- literal summary focusing on one moment
(intro); include a thesis
• Show- Present your evidence
– Explain how it supports your thesis
• Mean- the So What? Paragraph.
– Connect the quote in paragraph two to the entire
book include a second quote here.
– Connect your essay to the world