XEU Adoption

12th XBRL Europe day & 18th Eurofiling Workshop –
Luxembourg 11 December 2013
EU Adoption Committee update
Dave Van den Ende –Chair Committee
Listed companies required to report in
European Single Electronic Format from 2020
ESMA to propose ESEF standard
◦ market consultation in 2014
◦ Meetings planned with ESMA
 ESMA Taskforce setup led by Marc Labat
◦ Publish whitepaper (from XEU IFRS WG)
 taskforce in xXEUHans Buijse, camille, chairs WG to
review document
 Involve big 4 contact group to review
◦ List of stakeholders
Connect to EU Multi Stakelholder Platform
◦ Members multi stakeholder platform must REQUEST
for the standard
Provide input to XBRL workplan
◦ Identify key stakeholders in countries
◦ Briefing paper to layout what needs to done by MS
◦ Taskforce appointed to address this chaired by
Björn Rydberg from XBRL Sweden and Ignacio Boixo
from XBRL Spain
 Bjorn to organiz call with ignacio, marc v hilvoorde,
freek, Germany, willem geijtenbeek, Paul Kjor, Marc
EUPL (public license) - EIOPA considers this to
license DPM