Learner Training PowerPoint

Session Outcomes
Participants will:
• Review the features of your BloomBoard Home
• Review the goal setting function and practice
setting a goal/SLO.
• Develop your own personalized learning plan by
beginning your BloomList.
• Explore Resources to ‘mine’ personalized supports.
• Review the BloomBoard features necessary to
participate in observations/meetings with your
• Begin to Bloom!
What are the underlying values in your evaluation system?
Data-driven decision making (analytics)
Balancing evaluation and teacher development
Collaboration (state/district/school,
observer/observer, observer/teacher)
Reflective practice
Professional development
Let’s Practice Finding Resources!
Use the filtering tools to find appropriate resources in
the Marketplace for the following scenarios:
You are supporting the launch of the Common Core State
Standards. Find a resource in the marketplace that you can use as
a resource for you as you plan a professional development or that
with your staff/teachers (either for your own information or to use
directly with your staff/teachers).
10% of your staff consists of new teachers who you anticipate will
encounter issues with basic classroom management. Find a
resource that will be helpful to you as you support them as you
coach them over the first few weeks of school. (Alternate for
district leaders: You are planning your annual new teacher
orientation. Find a resource that will be useful for this event.)
Find a resource that will support a district/school site initiative for
the coming school year.
Recommend one of the resources you found to one or more of the
teachers in your training account.
Thank You For Your Time