Animals 2x2 Kindergarten Unit

Animals 2x2 Kindergarten Unit
A Focus On Snails
By: Dawn Gardner
Technology Coach
Unit Summary
• Your child will participate in learning activities
that are standards based, as well as valuable.
These projects will allow students to
participate in hands-on experiments and will
give them experience to work with others
while learning with the Foss Science Kits. Each
of these Kits are designed age appropriate for
Kindergarten Students. This 9 weeks, students
will study the Animals 2x2 unit.
Curriculum Framing Questions
• Essential Question: How can Science help me
understand the world around me?
• Unit Question: How can Animals and People live
together successfully?
• Content Questions: How are Animals different
from People? Do they need different care than we
do? How can the behavior of an Animal protect
them from getting hurt?
Sample Student Project
• Students observe the structures and
behaviors of Land and Water snails. They will prepare
to race the snails. Before racing, students will make
predictions as to what snails will be fastest. (Water
snails are compared to land snails). Then Students will
track their snail to other snails in the classroom to see
which type of snails are faster. We will chart the
results as a class on the Smart Board.
Gaging Student Needs with KWL
• Purpose of KWL Assessment- To gather what
students already know about snails, what they
want to learn about snails and (after the unit
is finished) what they have learned about
What do I already
What do I want to What did I learn
know about Snails? know about Snails? about Snails?
(Before Unit)
(Before Unit and
(After Unit)
Possibly During
This Unit Will Help Students:
• Develop a curiosity and interest in the living world around
• Observe and describe the structures of a variety of
common animals—such as snails
• Compare structures and behaviors of different pairs of
• Observe interactions of animals with their surroundings.
• Communicate observations and comparisons.
• Acquire the vocabulary associated with the structure and
behavior of animals.
• Handle animals carefully, and participate in the care and
feeding of classroom animals.
What Goals Do I Want My Students To
• I want my students to become more
independent in completing the
student-based project. The snail race
will allow them to make predictions
while using their Science Journals and
Calculate results using the Smart
• Digital Pictures are taken during the
race to see real life change (time
stamps of progress)
Request for Suggestions/Feedback
• How can we gather snails locally if we have
• How can the snail race be extended in other