Example #2

Hosted on campus we set up a public
Minecraft Server. A recreational virtual
world for NKU Students to all meet in
one place and work together rather
than play alone.
There is a discussion board set up for
students to collaborate projects within
the game @ http://nkucraft.nku.edu/
To play on our servers you will need a
Minecraft account which can be
obtained @ www.minecraft.net
Public @ nkucraft.nku.edu:25566
Private @ nkucraft.nku.edu:25565
Live Maps
Link nkucraft.nku.edu:25567
Link nkucraft.nku.edu:25556
After receiving permission we would
begin to evaluate the client’s site.
Using our prior knowledge and
research on web usability we compiled
field notes on the site (see print outs).
We also had Google Analytics access to
monitor where visitors came from,
where they went, how they got there,
and when they left.
James Lloyd & Spencer Shefchik & Charles Frank
What makes a website User Friendly? What makes users give up?
Having an accessible site is extremely important for any organization or
entity. Whether it be making a sale or delivering important information.
What to do:
 3-5 clicks to reach
 Font size of at least 1em
 Drop down menus
 Google Translate
 Small size/load times
 Consistent Design
 Outbound links open in new tab
 Mark file types (PDF etc..)
 Search and anchor text to find
content quickly
 Contact webmaster link
 Mobile friendly version
What not to do:
Buried content
Orphan pages
Broken links
mailto tags
Flashy ad like content
 Missing content
 Unnecessary/intermediate
 Don’t rely on PDF use
Once an assessment was finished we completed
a professional write up and power point
presentation. A meeting with the developers was
then scheduled to share and discuss our findings.
We received positive remarks and the developers
were happy to be able to improve their sites
Art students need a place for their
active portfolio. Canvas is a place
where NKU students can upload their
work up to 50mb and display it for
their teachers, friends, and possible
employers. Using this as a platform
for students to post work we are
doing something few colleges
attempt to do. Show what happens
at NKU. See an active portfolio
develop. Watch class work blossom.
Work and grow with your peers. Vote
and comment on peer art. Let the
world know what we are capable of.
We have an incredible opportunity to
take what we know and attract
others to us. Lets make the most of it
Special Thanks
Web Usability
Google Analytics
Simple Machines Forums
CopperMine Gallery
Dr. Charles Frank –mentor
Doug Wells –Servers
Dan Koabel – Technical and
Advisory help
Jacob Houseman - Art