Anticipation Guide

1) Read the statements on your handout.
2) Place an X or a √ next to the statement with
which you agree. Write these marks in the column
labeled “Before Reading.”
Once we have read and discussed the text this week,
you will reflect on your initial beliefs and revisit the
same statements to determine if your thoughts
about the statements have changed, in the “After
Reading” column.
1) Hunting is a sport.
 Agree or disagree?
2) Animals have no feelings.
 Agree or disagree?
3) Hunting is evil.
 Agree or disagree?
4) Hunting is unfair.
 Agree or disagree?
5) Animals have emotions.
 Agree or disagree?
6) Strength is more
important than intelligence.
 Agree or disagree?
7) Bringing a gun to a knife
fight is fair.
 Agree or disagree?
8) Murder is wrong no matter
what the circumstance is.
 Agree or disagree?
9) Killing someone in self
defense is justified.
 Agree or disagree?
“The Most Dangerous Game”
 As we read the story, think about these
themes we have discussed. You will return to
these statements to analyze them again after
reading the short story.
 Complete “Ship Trap Island” Map of “The
 Complete Reading Questions Packet
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