Ms. Wolf – Language Arts Class
Agenda for Thursday
Warm-Up: Grammar – pages 84-90
GUM Book
 Connection to a Clip- Dead Poet’s
 Allusions Notes and Examples
 Create your Own Poem 
Homework: 3 Daybooks #52-54, I.T
Notebook due Tuesday 2.19.13, True
Leader Poem due Friday 2.15.13,
Draw a line from the verb to the direct
object and circle the indirect object
She wrote me a letter.
 He gave his dog a bone.
 Tom brought us the newspaper.
 Sue sang her sister a lullaby.
Connection to a Clip:
As you view the clip,
write down
connections to “O
Captain, My Captain”
 Focus
on symbolism!
What is Allusion?
A direct or indirect reference to
something historical, literary, religious, or
 The author usually uses references that
will be understood by his or her audience,
such as an event, book, myth, place, or
work of art.
 You can also make allusions to pop
Find the Extended Metaphor- SONG
Lil' Wayne- Dr. Carter
Why Writers Use It
Allusions can help people see unique
connections between two ideas.
 The reference can help the audience
better understand a subject.
 Allusions can also be surprising and funny,
and are a favorite tool for songwriter/
rappers to prove their extensive
knowledge of many topics.
Not to be confused with “ILLUSIONS”
In order to understand allusions, one must have a
good grasp on “well-known” works of literature, art,
music, pop culture, etc. So, if one is not well-read, it
will be difficult to fully grasp why an
author/writer/director uses an allusion. This is
sometimes difficult for high school students.
Allusions are NOT references to someone/something
only a small group of people know.
 For
example - Don’t say, “Sally’s smile looked like my
mom’s smile.” While this is a method of comparison, it is
not to something well-known (outside of your community).
The Purpose of Allusions
Whenever you come across an allusion, stop and ask
 What does the writer want me to understand about
this character, setting, plot, etc. by connecting it to
something with which I am already familiar?
 What is the author’s purpose in using this allusion? To
create the same feeling/mood as the original work?
 For comedic effect?
 To show character’s motives or traits?
 Brainstorm
with a partner other reasons authors might
use an allusion.
Allusion Examples in Songs and
“The side lines is lined with casualties
Who sip the life casually, then gradually become
Don’t bite the apple, Eve” -Jay-Z
Allusion in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
Allusion in TV/ Movies
Peter Pan (Robin
Williams) says, “What is
this, some sort of the
Lord of the Flies Preschool?”
Allusion Explanation:
The land is run by kids
 They are savages with
no adult influence
 They have been
abandoned without adult
Allusion in Art/ Images
More Cowbell!!!
Allusion in Art/ Images
Sally had a smile that
rivaled that of the
Mona Lisa.
Since everyone is
familiar with the
painting, they can
imagine what Sally’s
smile looks like.
Allusion in Art/ Images
The makers of the Scream movie ALLUDED TO Munch’s
work of art “The Scream” in order to instill fear.
The three most popularly alluded to
works are:
The Bible
Greek/Roman Mythology
So, what does that tell you?
 ---You
are expected to be well-read in order to
understand many allusions!
What TV show is being
alluded to in these clips?
Love Poem 
Create a poem about someone you LOVE
 This
person can be anyone:
 Parent,
grandparent, sibling, significant other, etc.
 The poem must contain 12 lines, does not have to rhyme, but
must include at least 2 allusions
 Due Wed 2.20.13
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