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World War II Battles
By: Cooper Redding
Subject: History
Grade Level: 9-10
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Major Battles
Normandy Invasion--
5. Battle of the Bulge-2.
Iwo Jima-6.
Battle of Midway--
Battle of Saipan--
Battle of Anzio--
Operation Nordwind--
Battle of Luzon--
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Normandy Invasion
• Largest amphibious invasion ever to take place
– Canada, Free French Forces, United Kingdom, and United
States all took place
• It was the first successful opposed landings across
the English Channel in over eight centuries
• Casualties to the Germans is estimated at 320,000,
and American casualties at 135,000
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Iwo Jima
• The battle lasted for a month
• It was the first American invasion on Japanese
home land
• Was the only battle in which US Marine
casualties was actually higher then the
• Of the 22,000 Japanese defenders only 216
were known to be alive
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Operation Norwind
• The German army attacked the very thin line of the U.S 7th
– Three Corps of the 3rd Army as well as the XXXIX Panzer Corps
• The Germans almost erased the whole U.S 7th Army
• In the end the U.S 7th Army prevailed and defeated the
• Casualties for the U.S 7th was 773 KIA, and 4,838 WIA
• Causalities for the Germans in the end was much more with
23,000 KIA, WIA, and MIA combined
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Battle of Luzon
• The battle took place on January 9, 1945.
• Japanese forces saw more then 70 Allied
Warships off the cost.
– This battle was very important if the US were to
attack Japan.
• Allied forces dominated this battle with
Japanese casualties reaching 205,535 dead
and 9,050 captured.
– Allied casualties were far less with 8,130
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Battle of the Bulge
• One of the most famous battles of World War II
• Hitler believed that the Britain, French, and American
alliance was not strong, and a major victory would brake
them up.
– It was a major German offensive attack on U.S forces
• The Germans first experienced great success.
• The Germans may of won if they could keep their tanks
– They ran out of fuel
• Allies ended up pushing the Germans back, and many see it
as a miracle.
– German casualties were 15,652 dead
– U.S casualties were 19,276
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Battle of Midway
• Widely seen as the most important navel battle ever
• The Japanese attacked the U.S naval base at Midway
• Prior to the battle, the Japanese navy was stronger.
– After the battle U.S and Japanese navy's were equal
• The U.S navy was ready for the attack due to
fantastic military intelligence.
• Japan lost four irreplaceable fleet carries, and the U.S
lost only one.
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Battle of Saipan
• 8,000 Marines landed on Saipan from Pearl Harbor.
• The Japanese were very ready and destroyed 20 tanks
in minutes.
• To indicate the severity of the battle, U.S Marines
called the land Death Valley.
• In a last stand 5,000 Japanese soldiers charged the U.S
– Killed 650 U.S soldiers, but lost 4,300
• In total 13,313 U.S soldiers were killed or wounded,
and Japanese forces lost more then 30,000 soldiers.
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Battle of Anzio
• It was a surprise attack against the German soldiers
– A great success until General Lucas decided to entrench
instead of push on.
– Germans saw this and set up defensive positions
• General Lucas was relieved, and U.S forces finely broke
• U.S forces lost many men with casualties up to 23,173.
• German casualties were 27,500
– The battle is largely considered a failure, for the loss of the
initial surprise, and lack of resources.
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What Battle is Seen Largely as a
• The Battle of Midway
• The Normandy Invasion
• The Battle of the Bulge
• The Battle of Midway was a very big victory
for the U.S forces over Japan. It made both
navys equal, but was not a miracle. Good try!
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Good Try
• The Battle of Normandy is one of the greatest
victories over the German army ever. But it is
not considered a miracle victory. Good Try!
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Good Job!
• The Battle of the Bulge is seen as a miracle
because the German army was so much
bigger. Also the U.S forces didn’t have the
weapons to fight tanks. The German army
simply ran out of fuel, and the Allied forces
were able to counter attack. Good Job!
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