Welcome to the HSMM mesh Consortium - BBHN-RI

Brought to by Blackstone Valley Amateur Radio Club
Special Thanks to Community College of Rhode Island
What we are going to be covering
 What is HSMM mesh and Demo of our growing
HSMM mesh
 Intro HSMM-PI VPN gateway
 Open summit on what we might want to use HSMM in
the future.
 AFTERNOON session (separate classes)
 How to set up Linksys router with HSMM 1.0
 How to set up HSMM-PI VPN client (and server if time
What is HSMM-Mesh?
 Mesh wireless network
Using Router
that have
HSMM mesh
installed we
create a
network just
for hams that
is self healing
the more
routers the
What does it have to do with Ham
 Channel one of 802.11B/G wireless band is shared with
the ham radio 2.4ghz band
 Ham radio on the 2.4 ghz band allows us to use
100watts of power . Or 50dbm
 FCC part 97 rules instead of part 15
What do we use for hardware
 We use different hardware one is the WRT54G linksys
router. Can be found used for around $25.00
 We don’t need a computer to be connected to mesh
with other routers.
 You don’t need to be physically connected to the node
to make changes.
 You can connect to any other node that is connected
from your node.
 HSMM-PI is HSMM for Raspberry PI.
 HSMM-PI VPN is VPN software
 What is a VPN Virtual Private Network
VPN is a Virtual tunnel
that allows you to
connect networks thru
the WEB (in our case)
Raspberry PI is a
small $35.00 open
source PC that has
no extra
What does this mean?
 By creating a VPN this allows us to connect up HSMM
networks that would not be able to be connected up
using the Wireless mesh.
 This is done using $50.00 worth of parts on both sides
of network and using the internet to connect up
Home Router
Home Router
Summit What should we do with
 The goal of this summit is to take 20 min and brain
storm on what we should set up on our HSMM-Mesh
Lets Break for lunch
 We will be having 2 classes
 How to program and set up a linksys router
 How to set up HSMM-PI VPN
 These classes will start in 45 min.