6 - The Adams Years

Briefly explain
Jay’s AND
- Identify some of the deep
divisions between Federalists
and Democratic-Republicans.
Washington decided not to run for a 3rd
term in 1796.
Increased arguing
between Federalists
and the DemocraticRepublicans
A bitter political fight
over Jay’s Treaty
Federalist Candidate
John Adams
D-R Candidate
Thomas Jefferson
Adams received 71 electoral votes
Jefferson received 68 electoral votes
The President is the person that receives
the most electoral votes, the person that
finishes second becomes the VicePresident!!!
We get a Federalist President and a D-R
- placing the interests of one region over
the interests of the nation as a whole
Almost all of the electors in
the North voted for Adams,
while almost all of the
electors in the South voted
for Jefferson
The French viewed Jay’s Treaty a
violation of the French-American
Alliance from the American Revolution
Adams sent a 3 man team to France to meet and discuss the tensions.
President Adams sent 3 ambassadors to France to discuss
the issue
3 French ambassadors met them & wanted a bribe
($250,000 and $12 million)
President Adams told Congress what happened “French
agents X,Y, & Z”
1798 Congress suspended all trade with France, created a
Navy, and Navy seized French ships
4 Laws passed by Congress during the height of the XYZ Affair
1) Wait period for citizenship from 5 to 14 years
2) And 3) gave the President the power to deport aliens without trial
4) Outlawed printing or speaking poorly about the Federal Gov’t
Madison and Jefferson declared these acts dangerous to civil liberties
and representative government in the Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions
These acts were designed to strengthen the Federalist party and weaken
the Democratic-Republicans
D-Rs Jefferson and Madison wrote up a response to
the Federalist supporting Alien and Sedition Acts.
These gave the states the rights to nullify any act of
Congress they feel is “unconstitutional”.
Virginia and Kentucky viewed the Alien and Sedition
Acts “unconstitutional” because of the 1st
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