Windows Azure ISV Mini Case Study



Pat Luby Consulting


LOCATION: Dubai, United Arab Emirates ORG SIZE: INDUSTRY: Cross-Vertical (HR) WINDOWS AZURE ISV PROFILE: Pat Luby Consulting writes and supports a range of human resources-related online software to empower HR teams in corporate businesses to run their department activities with smart, modern technology.

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Cloud Offers Security, Reliability Needed for Large-Scale Insurance Administration

“We chose the Windows Azure PaaS solution because it is cost-effective for a small specialist ISV like us, and offers instant scalability to be able to immediately meet the needs of our client’s business.” – Pat Luby, Managing Partner, Pat Luby Consulting SITUATION:

A large insurance broker needed a solution for administering its Middle East clients’ health and life policies, with thousands of insured members across multiple countries, all with different insurers, policies, categories, terms, and compliance rules. To meet these challenges, Pat Luby Consulting sought a cloud platform that could meet stringent security checks while delivering reliable service.


As a small software vendor, Pat Luby Consulting found that Windows Azure delivered everything needed to host BenefitNet, which tracks member enrollment and claims online, with portals for members, administrators, employers, and brokers. BenefitNet runs on Windows Azure’s platform as a service (PaaS) with web roles and Blob storage, allowing it to scale within a matter of minutes for unexpected user loads. BenefitNet also utilizes Windows Azure SQL Database and .NET operating software.


• • Windows Azure meets the security, reliability, and continuity checks that major clients require.

Windows Azure is a cost-effective platform that offers instant scalability to meet clients’ needs.