PCD and Development Effectiveness

PCD and Development
Antonio Tujan Jr.
IBON Foundation
Policy coherence and effectiveness
• Refers to overall policy environment for
development and development cooperation
and economic relations – thus must be
premised on fundamental development
objectives such as HR, gender and
sustainability (not just economic growth)
• Policy coherence is often confused with
harmonization or coordination however it is
related to aid effectiveness in a different way
Policy coherence and effectiveness
• PCD refers to overarching development policy
environment and improves with aid effectiveness
– Ownership – strong, inclusive national strategies
recognized and supported by partners
– Alignment – participatory country systems and
programs acceded and supported by partners
– Harmonization – country led coordination of partner
participation and action
PCD is important to achieve development
effectiveness in thoroughgoing way
– Focus on international dev goals inc MDGs
– Coherent development process
– Effective poverty reduction strategies
Concrete partner practice mixed
• Partnership and relations enhance and
promote program country development goals,
programs and strategies?
• Economic relations should do no harm?
– Trade, investment, climate, immigration
• Strengthened broad program country
ownership of development policies and
Concrete partner practice mixed
• Mechanisms such as coordination among
• Regulations such as Swedish law
• Strong program country planning - Medium
Term Development Plans
• Oversight mechanisms - National Anti Poverty
Challenges in promoting policy
• Aid fragmentation - global programs, private
funds and emerging donors enhance policy
• Multilateral organizations complicate situation and
enhance incoherence, even poverty enhancing
polices example of IFI SAPs, WTO and EC Trade policy
• Need to strengthen essential role of csos and
parliaments in advocacy and developing policy
coherence for development
Aid architecture reform urgently
• Policy fragmentation, and worse contradictory
policy frameworks due to neoliberal
orthodoxy in past half century resulted in
mixed results and development disasters –
free market economics pushed by IFIs through
SAPs contrary to interests of low income
• Ad hoc mechanisms such as G20 to address
policy fragmentation in climate, trade,
investment, development finance
Aid architecture reform urgently
• No international norm setting mechanism for
development policy
• Absence of strong development policy
architecture or development cooperation
architecture to address incoherence in
neoliberal trade and investment policy and
shrinking policy space through mechanisms
such as WTO and FTAs
Need for a convention on
development effectiveness
• Betteraid studying feasibility of a convention on
development effectiveness in development
– Address common standards and commitments for
adherence to internationally agreed development
goals and conventions
– Address need for commitment to policy coherence for
development by strengthening intl policy frameworks
– strengthen international coordination and voluntary
mechanisms, of all actors towards effective responses
to both immediate and long term development
challenges and demands
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