Michael Murray, Devlopment Manager HLF London

Michael Murray
Development Manager – London
Heritage Lottery Fund
HLF has £402.5 million to
spend in 2013/14, £375 m in
Collecting Cultures launched
£5 million available to MLA
Grants between £50,000 £500,000;
Application deadline 2 May
The Black Gardener
Garden Museum £60,000
What can weaken museum projects?
1. Under-estimating resources required to develop and
complete the project
Development phase too short to achieve ambitious fundraising
Insufficient staff resources during development phase. Projects
under-estimate time required for project management and
fundraising/project oversight – generally two separate roles.
Insufficient contingency for historic building conservation, or
insufficient survey work (e.g. Honeywood)
2. Planning for sustainability
How will you encourage people to come back after first visit/first
On-going funding (e.g. commitments from local authority, ACE)
Governance issues
Business planning
What can weaken museum projects?
3. Insufficient consultation
Planning permission
EH and amenity societies
Not embedded with wider community, voluntary sector (e.g.
volunteer recruitment, partnerships with non-heritage
What can weaken museum projects?
4. Other issues
– Impact of changes in staff on project development and
design (e.g. new curator with different ideas on
– Lack of ambition related to new audiences development,
capital or activity programmes
– Not considering the wider museum context (e.g. external
– Unsatisfactory building design
– Poor accessibility
– Insufficient digital infrastructure and licences
– Insufficient information on significance of the collection
– Budgeting errors/value for money
How do we assess
• Heritage importance
• Need or opportunity
• Why now / why lottery funding?
• What outcomes will the project
• Value for money
• Project well planned?
• Financially realistic?
• Sustainability
How can the development team help?
Provide advice and support before you apply
Project enquiry form/ expression of interest forms available
on our website
Project enquiry stage –
some common themes:
• Uncertainty about HLF grant
process, confusion about timescales
• Focus on the ‘physical’ and people
can be neglected
• Lack of overall strategy and why this
project should happen now
• Speak to the sector, those who’ve
been through a similar process
• Capacity of the organisation to
deliver project, and sustainability in
the long term, and being realistic
• Not reading HLF’s guidance!
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