MIS Faculty Presentation Final

iPad: The New Classroom Learning Experience
MIS 2901 – iPad Honors Pilot
Presented By: Carey O’Donnell
Assisted by: Andrew Roche, Scott Raff, Joseph Musumeci,
Ancy Thomas, Lauren Gallant, & Frederick Saporito
• Review background and original objectives of iPad pilot
• Impact and challenges on curriculum design, methodologies (pedagogy),
classroom implementation
• Share some of my observations and experiences in an “all-digital”,
student-centric classroom environment
• Student Voices: MIS 2901 students present and discuss their experience,
demonstrate iPad capabilities, review pro’s/con’s
• Summarize pilot results; implications for higher education
• Q&A: instructor, students
• Action Items
iPad Pilot: Background
Millenial’s: First true Digitally-Centric generation
• Access, process, and synthesize information differently
• Socialize, organize, and communicate differently
• Want to learn differently
IT as an impediment to classroom learning?
• While integral to my curriculum, NOT an integral part of daily classroom
• Laptops, PDA’s, Web 3.0..often a barrier to student engagement
Shift the Paradigm
• From instructor-centric to student-centric
• Engagement – Internal & External
• Collaboration – Internal & External
• Student responsibility & accountability for enhancing their own learning
• Professional Development
• Partnerships, Team Orientation
The Challenge
Internet 3.0, Management 2.0………Education 1.0?
• Business is going ‘social’, management methodologies need to adapt to
hyper global competition and pace of change….the ground rules are
changing rapidly.
• So what about higher education?
How to co-opt information technology to create a more engaging
classroom experience and enhance learning outcomes, while
recognizing that:
• IT is not a primary focus in our area of expertise
• Bewildering and seemingly endless array of technology, applications,
• For many of us, technology is intimidating, difficult to master, with a
history of not meeting expectations in the classroom
• Technology intensive classrooms could require a fundamental revamping of
our curriculums, methodologies, syllabi
Comfort Zone
ClassroomTools: Laptop vs. iPad
….are they really that different?
Both are:
• Digital devices that store & process information
• Run applications
• Access email, messages
• Access multimedia (e.g. videos)
• Designed as portable devices
So What’s All the Fuss?
….it really IS different
• Many excellent features/capabilities
• High quality graphic display
• Excellent multimedia device
• Superior design & ergonomics
• Battery life
• Student integration of personal, academic, and work
• iPad has become a powerful, iconic symbol of change
MIS 2901 Curriculum
• Digital content & delivery (Courseload); iPad’s each student
• Students organized into 5 teams, each responsible for presenting
two textbook chapters
• Teams incented to incorporate iPad apps and technology in their
multi-media presentations; goal was total classroom engagement &
• Each team submitted presentations after class to instructor, &
prepared 30 test questions after each presentation
• Promote environment for constructive feedback from class after
each presentation; teams learned from each other
• Other objectives:
- Professional Development
- Study how students processed information & learned
- Identify good educational iPad apps; pro’s & con’s
Student Introduction
• Student presenters from 4 class groups:
• Integration
• Collaboration
• Autonomy
• Evolution
• Showcasing
• Use of technologies
• Pros, Cons, Recommendations
• Demo of technology
• Classroom reading,
• Work apps, calendars
• Social games,
• All aspects of student
life together
Integration Tech - Facebook
• Quizzing tool with discussion
• Encourages sharing of supplemental material
• Lack of privacy options
• Recommendation: study guide groups
• Classroom becomes a
continuous effort
• Independence in
group work
• Possible negatives
Collaboration Tech - Edmodo
• Social media for classrooms
• Benefits of Facebook; solves privacy issue
• Built-in tools for teachers
• “Social overload” for students
• Recommendation: class forum tool
• Students in charge of
own education
• Teaching to others
reinforces concepts
• Develops
teamwork, and
development skills
Autonomy Tech – Google+
• Presentations from anywhere
• Small group discussion
• Sharing some material is difficult
• Recommendation: offices hours, group
meetings, tutoring
• Revolution from
• Embracing studentled changes
• Demonstrating the
Power of Fox
Evolutionary Tech – iPad / eBook
• Light, fast, cheap
• Search functionality
• Internet aids readily available
• Recommendation: used university-wide
Student Recommendations
• 4 Themes
• Integration
• Collaboration
• Autonomy
• Evolution
• Student Feedback
Question and Answer Session
Take-Home for Faculty
• An email has been sent out to all attendees:
• A quick Qidiq survey
• A link to the class Facebook group
• Facebook inclusions
• Student testimonials about program
• Select videos used in class presentations
• Student opinion on each technology used
Additional Information
Dr. David Schuff
Director of Innovation in Learning Technologies
Fox School of Business
[email protected]