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Connecting the science
behind drug development
David Elek
From this:
To this:
Then this:
Time for change
Who is using the
The answer
Database users don’t always know
exactly what they are looking for
The philosophy
“The user interface needs to
make sure that it allows you to
make spelling mistakes and
typos and maybe not have your
question fully formed, and yet
you can still, with its assistance,
find an answer”
“Finding what you need in the database is our problem,
not yours”
Not all queries are like this
“Which drugs are in phase II development for obesity in the USA,
using peptide stimulants as the mechanism of action?”
(there is only one– GSK 2890457, if you wish to know!)
Some are more like this
“What’s new in obesity treatment”
“Who else is doing stuff with peptide stimulants right now?”
Where to start?
Is it really search I need, or
should I look in the What’s
New or Company Pipeline
sections ??
Should I be looking in the
pipeline database or the trial
If I search just by obesity,
how many results will I get?
I definitely don’t want
Microsomal triglyceride
transfer protein inhibitors –
how do I exclude them (or
even spell them)?!
The browser- and searcher-friendly platform
Heaven for those who like to
Heaven for those who like to
The browser- and searcher-friendly platform
Results can be found across
all (relevant) data sets
using one simple search
Easily and dynamically refine
your search as much as you
wish, using intuitive search
Work in progress
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