What is GSAP? click here to see LL811 Safety Page!!!

What is GSAP ?
GSAP is an FAA endorsed safety program that is aimed at
addressing safety concerns and communicating hazards and
corrective actions. GSAP is based on a partnership that includes
the FAA, United and IAM. The program provides:
A process for corrective action rather than punishment
Collection, analysis and retention of safety data
Criteria for developing corrective action plans
Education to prevent future recurrence
When to file?
When an employee feels
that he/she has violated a
Federal Aviation Regulation
(FAR), has been involved in /
witnessed a safety related
event or has identified a
safety related concern.
Would like to see if you would be able to add the link to the Safety Page
This is a good how to video.
Here is a GSAP How to Video
Here are our cell numbers to list for any safety concerns
Mark Hall 713-591-0267
Tom Saavedra 713-851-1030
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