Plan for Success Program (P4S)

Plan for Success Program
Students admitted by exception
• Mike Lynch – Associate Vice President for
Student Life
• John Kulikowski – Academic Counselor
• Andrea Lo – Academic Counselor
Current Admission Requirements
• 21+ on the ACT or
• top 1/3 of graduating class or
• Completed all 13 credits of the pre-college
curriculum with a 2.0+ GPA (2.5+ out of state)
• (Set out by Kansas Board of Regents; will
change with 2015 summer term enrollment)
Admission by exception
• Up to 10% of the incoming class
• KS Legislature passed a law requiring an
“individual plan for success” for each student
admitted by exception
Primary Goals
• Increase retention from freshman year to
sophomore year
• Increase student GPA
Our 2013 fall students
• Est. 125 students, but could be as many as 250
• ACT range 14-20, average 18.8 (71 of these
students have no ACT in our records)
• Core credits earned range 10-13, average 11.9
• Core GPA range 1.53-3.86, average 2.77
Our program
• Mandatory for these students to enroll at KSU
• Intrusive advising
• Students must sign a learning contract,
noncompliance can lead to dismissal from KSU
• Enrolled in Arts & Sciences, Open Option
• Sign up for Undergraduate Experience course
& 2 companion courses
• 2 semester program
Learning Contract
• Meet with Academic Counselor every other week
(switches to every third week second semester
for successful students)
• Students enroll in no more than 12 credits first
– Students who show academic success may enroll in up
to 15 credits second semester with approval of
Academic Counselor
• Must attend all classes, meetings with counselor,
scheduled tutoring sessions, etc.
Learning Contract
1. I understand that my enrollment at Kansas State University is contingent upon my enrollment and
participation in the Plan for Success Program and all of its components.
2. I will attend Orientation and Enrollment on the assigned day(s) in June, August or January to complete
my Individual Plan for Success and enroll in my courses for fall.
3. I will enroll in Open Option as my initial curriculum at Kansas State University.
4. I will enroll in no more than 12 credit hours during my first semester at Kansas State University. During
my first semester, these courses will include The University Experience and two companion courses.
5. I will attend all of my classes unless excused by my Academic Counselor.
6. I will attend all guided study sessions offered as a part of the Plan for Success Program and any relevant
tutoring sessions to be determined in consultation with my Academic Counselor.
7. I will meet with my Academic Counselor a minimum of once every other week or as recommended by
my Academic Counselor.
8. I grant permission to the Plan for Success Program to communicate with my professors and academic
advisors regarding inquiries related to my course progress, grades, class attendance, participation and
9. I understand that if I fail to meet my obligations as explained in this Learning Contract, I may be
administratively withdrawn from the University.
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