Stress Management STRESS!

Stress Management
What is it?
What causes it?
What can you do about it?
Why Do We Need Stress Busters?
• Strive to achieve a balance between too
much stress and not enough stress.
• Too much stress interferes with memory,
concentration, and learning.
• Stress can cause physical symptoms like
headaches, stomachaches, and
sleeplessness, in addition to more serious
health problems.
How Can You Deal With Stress?
• Learn to recognize stress and the triggers
that cause it in your life.
• Reduce stress by using positive stressmanagement techniques.
• Try different techniques until you find
several that work well for you.
Stress Busters
Deep Breathing
• Participate in any physical
activity you enjoy
• Walk, run, bike, lift weights,
play sports, etc.
• Yoga & Tai Chi in particular help
with feeling calm and centered
• Take a few deep, calming
• Focusing on a deep-breathing
exercise can clear your mind
Meditate or Pray
• Practice your faith or spirituality
• Can help put stress in
• Seek out religious/spiritual
guidance or support
Stress Busters
Express your Creativity
• Use your creative talents to
express yourself
• Write, draw, sing, dance, etc.
Listen to Music
• Use music as a tool to focus and
• Choose music that makes you
feel good – whether it’s upbeat
or soothing
• Create a “stress buster” playlist
• Laughter is often the best
• Find something humorous and
take the time to enjoy it
Stress Busters
Talk It Out
• Reach out to a friend, family
member, mentor, or teacher
• Confide in someone you trust
• Ask for advice or support
• Spend time on a hobby, interest,
or activity you enjoy
• Let your “inner child” out to
have fun
• Take advantage of events and
activities on campus and locally
• Spend time with people you
care about
• Even if you don’t talk about
what’s bothering you, socializing
can reduce stress
Stress Busters
Think Positively
• Find a different perspective or
the cloud’s “silver lining”
• Repeat positive affirmations
Take a Break
• Give yourself a few minutes of
“alone time” to recharge
• Returning to the task at hand
will be easier after a short break
• Try taking a brief power-nap to
renew your energy
• Visualize something you find
relaxing and calming
• Bring your mental imagery to
mind when you feel stressed
• Recall positive memories
Stress-Busting Activity
• Notice which situations and events trigger stress
for you.
• Try out at least three different stress busters
over the next few weeks when you feel yourself
becoming stressed.
• Pay attention to which ones work best for you.
Journal Entry
Reflect on the experience of stress-busting.
• What stressors did you experience recently?
• Which stress-busting techniques did you try?
• Describe how you implemented each
technique and the results you achieved.
• Which technique was your favorite? Why?
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