SBAC Item Alignment Study

SBAC Alignment Study
Los Angeles, March 2014
Paula Torres
Leanne Leonard, Ed.D.
Building Conceptual Knowledge of Depth
of Knowledge (DOK) hrough Item Analysis
Source: Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium general item specification draft, p. 22.
Let’s Review an Item
• Decide on a spokesperson for your group.
• Use your Cognitive Rigor Matrix to guide your
• Determine the DOK level that best matches
this item and describe your rationale.
SBAC Constructed Response (CR)
Key Data Systems
SBAC Selected Response (SR)
SBAC Technology Enhanced (TE)
Key Data Systems
Aligning Item to the Common Core State
Standards (CCSS)
Using the Smarter Balanced Assessment
Consortium Claims, Targets, and Standard
Alignment for LEA, determine whether you think
the content and knowledge in the item is
covered by the stated underlined portion of the
CCSS. Be prepared to explain your rationale.
1. Not at all.
2. Partially.
3. Fully
SBAC Constructed Response (CR)
Grade 4
Claim 1, Target 1
Key Data Systems
SBAC Selected Response (SR)
Grade 3
Claim 1, Target 1
SBAC Technology
Grade 4
Claim 1, Target 4
Key Data Systems