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Have a student interested in
STEM careers?
Learn about careers in technology areas at local industries including
Dow Chemical & Dow Corning!
The Science and Technology Explorer Post is a career education worksite-based program that is a
collaboration of The Dow Chemical Company, Dow Corning Corporation, and the Exploring Division of the
Water and Woods Field Service Council.
Who ?
Tours, demonstrations, Hands-on opportunities for students to experience
what these careers are all about!
Co-ed program for young men and women from 13-20 yrs old
Explore STEM career options and get a head start on your future
2014-2015 Planned Topics*
•Hazmat & First Responders -EMT
•Reactive Chemical/Accident Prevention
•Botanical Sciences
•Nuclear Science
•City Planning/Civil Planning (MDOT)
•Computer Programming/Applications
•Logistics – Supply Chain
For More Information Contact:
Lori Seiler [email protected] 989-638-0426 or Jeff Foisel [email protected] 989-496-5870
Explorer Post membership fee of $25 per student for the year
Explorer Post meetings offered twice a month beginning in October
*Topics subject to change
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