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Providing Exceptional
Customer Service isn’t just for the
Customer Service Department
HR Needs to Lead the Way!
John F. Mantica
Vice President of Human Resources
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• Define your customers and understand their
• Discuss the difference between good customer
service and exceptional customer service.
• Discuss the importance of exceptional
customer service as a core value to the
• How to apply exceptional service in all areas of
Who are your customers?
Co workers in HR
Other employees
Company Customers
Exceptional Service – Your #1 Value
• HR is a service department. We don’t
manufacture or sell a tangible product.
• Outstanding service means:
– Understanding who your customers are and
what they need
– Meeting and exceeding those needs to a point
where the customer knowingly realize it and it
has an emotional impact on them
– Taking ownership of any issue
Only 1 Chance
Only 1 Chance
Outstanding Service – United Airlines
United breaks guitars
Social media has changed customer service forever!
Good Service isn’t Exceptional Service
Today, First National Bank of the Gulf Coast
continues to focus on superior customer service.
In six years since the bank opened, it has grown
from 16 employees to 180; and they’ve grown from
$6 million to $330 million.
The way it should be…
The way it is today…
Ritz Carlton Values
• I build strong relationships and create RitzCarlton guests for life.
• I am always responsive to the expressed and
unexpressed wishes and needs of our guests.
• I am empowered to create unique, memorable
and personal experiences for our guests.
• I own and immediately resolve guest
• Four week orientation
• New hires offered $4,000 to leave after first
• Two weeks of orientation is as a CS Rep
• $4,000 offer continues through the entire
orientation period
Sold for
Dallas Cab Driver
Exceptional Service Messages
Exceptional Service in HR
• Keep office door open whenever you are alone
• Do not use the “Do-Not-Disturb” feature on
your phone unless you are truly in a meeting
• Welcome “customers” by standing up
• Answer email within 24 hours
• Smile
• Shake hands
• Walk around – A LOT (MBWA)
HR Leadership
• Does your staff have the resources to provide
exceptional customer service?
• Do you reward your team for providing
exceptional customer service?
• Is exceptional customer service an expectation
of the job?
• Are YOU role model exceptional service?
• Exceptional service is contagious!
Questions to ask ALL applicants…
• Describe a time when you went the extra mile in
a work related situation to help someone else.
Why did you assist them? What was the
• How do you go about establishing rapport with a
customer? What have you done to gain their
confidence? Give an example
• Give an example of a time when you used your
skills to address a problem (or challenge) facing
a customer?
Testing the HR Team
• Have a friend call in to inquire about a job
• Have a staff employee stop by to ask questions
about health insurance
• Survey employees about their experience with
Routine isn’t routine for your customer
HR Mission Statement
HR Expectations
Have Fun at Work
Outstanding Service
• Who are your customers and what are their
• How can you exceed these needs to create an
emotional impact?
• How can you duplicate the United Airlines ad,
Naples bank, Ritz-Carlton, or the Dallas cab
• If YOU don’t do it – The entire team fails
• Your “customers” will always find someone who
can (and will) do it.
Providing Exceptional
Customer Service isn’t just for the
Customer Service Department
HR Needs to Lead the Way!
John F. Mantica
Vice President of Human Resources
[email protected]
2012 ©
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