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Curricular Practical Training
UCI International Center
What is CPT?
CPT is a type of off-campus employment
that allows F-1 students to participate in
employment off-campus. It is defined as
any required internship that is an integral
part of the established curriculum for a
program of study.
Is CPT for Me?
Discuss with your academic advisor if CPT is for you.
Types of CPT
Degree Requirement
CPT may be authorized with an internship that is a requirement of a degree program
(i.e. all students in the program must complete an internship to obtain the degree).
Class enrollment in specific course is a requirement.
Course Credit
CPT may be authorized for students who enroll in a course that requires employment
to earn a grade, or a course where students design their own research project based
on the employment.
Additional Information
Employment may take place in Fall, Winter, Spring, or Summer. Authorization will be
granted on a quarter-only basis. However, if you wish to work for a period longer than the
last day of the quarter, you must enroll in the next available quarter before authorization
can be extended beyond the current term.
CPT Eligibility
• Enrollment in three consecutive quarters
• Job offer in your field of study
• Normal degree progress
• Enrollment in UCI class that supplements
internship experience.
Curricular Practical Training (CPT)
With the support of your academic department for, visit our website to
learn more about applying for CPT.
Application Timeline
At least 2-3 months prior to your
anticipated CPT start date
(highly recommended to start early)
1. Discuss with your academic advisor if
CPT is for you
2. Find an employer/company where you
can do this curricular work
Application Timeline
1-2 months prior to CPT anticipated start
date (can be earlier)
Enroll in required course. Your academic
advisor will provide you with the course
number/code. The IC is unable to tell you
which class you need to take for CPT.
– Obtain an offer letter (on company letterhead)
including address of employer, length of
employment, wages (if applicable),
responsibilities (how it relates to your field of
study), and employer’s signature
Application Timeline
1-2 months prior to CPT anticipated start
date and NO LATER than 7 business days
prior to anticipated start date
Type or clearly handwrite your personal
internship site/employer information on the
CPT Application.
Submit your complete CPT application to
the International Center at least 7 business
days prior to the start date of your
Completing the CPT Application
Print the CPT
Completing the CPT Application
Where to Get the
Correct Dates for CPT:
Start date of CPT will be when instruction begins
End date of CPT will be the date the quarter ends.
For current and future CPT dates, visit
the UCI Registrar’s Calendar:
General Academic Calendar 2014-2015
Summer Session 2014 (except MBA students)
School of Law Academic Calendar 2014-2015
MBA Summer Session: e-mail your academic advisor
as dates are different than the general academic
Completing the CPT Application
Obtain an Offer Letter
• Letter must be printed on employer’s
• Must include:
Address of employer
Length of employment
Wages (if applicable)
Responsibilities (how it relates to your field of
– Employer’s signature
A Complete CPT Application
1. Complete CPT Application Form
2. Copy of I-94 Card
A Complete CPT Application
• Copy of I-94 Card
4. Print out of class enrollment for the
quarter you will be doing CPT
3. Copy of Offer Letter
CPT Submission
Turn in your application to the International Center during
walk-in days/hours or by appointment.
CPT Hand-In Sessions are: Tuesday, Wednesday, and
Thursday from 9:00am to 11:00am
You will meet with an advisor and your application will be
reviewed. If your CPT application is complete, the adviser
will take your application.
3. Once your CPT is processed come to the International
Center with a photo ID. The IC will issue a new I-20 in 7
business days with CPT authorization on the 3rd page. The
new I-20 will serve as your employment authorization
4. Present your I-20 to your employer. Now you may legally
begin working.
Note: Starting work before you receive authorization from the
IC is NOT permitted.
CPT Extension
• If your authorized CPT requires additional
time (beyond the quarter end date), you can
apply for an extension of the current CPT.
• You will need:
– A copy of the offer letter with the new dates of
– A new CPT application with additional dates and
detailed explanation for additional time needed*
– A copy of your I-94
– Proof of enrollment (for upcoming quarter)
A Note About the Offer Letter
• If your CPT is going to last
more than 1 quarter, the
letter must state the
proposed dates
• Make several copies of your
offer letter
• Your internship application
will be done on a quarterly
basis as needed
– Example: If your offer is for
6 months, you will apply for
one quarter at a time. This
will require more than one
application at different times
• You must have been enrolled in 3 consecutive quarters in order to
be eligible for CPT.
– Transfer students from other institutions may be eligible for CPT
the first quarter at UCI; however, an appointment with an advisor
is required
• Transfer students who did OPT prior to transferring are not
eligible for CPT during their first quarter
• Apply early! Backdating is not permitted
• Work with your academic advisor for a timely CPT application
• Fulltime CPT during the academic year is not permitted
• You can only start your CPT on the first day of the quarter – not
Thank You!