ISSS presentation

Presenter: Donna Steinfeldt
International Student and Scholar Advisor
International Student and Scholar Services
Purpose & Eligibility of CPT
 CPT for F-1 students is intended to provide work
experience in situations where the work serves as an
integral part of a student's established academic
curriculum, prior to completion of that program.
 Must be in valid F-1 student status at the time of filing
 Must have been a full-time student for at least one full
academic year in lawful status
 Employment must be directly related to the major
Eligibility for F-1 CPT
 You must meet one of the following criteria:
 Employment is required of all degree candidates in
 Employment is an integral component of the established
academic curriculum -- you will receive academic credit for
your work
 Wharton Summer CPT requirement entails registration in
MGMT891:900 during the summer session
 MBA students: After completing the first year
 Undergrads: Rising Junior or Senior
 CPT employment authorization is job-specific
 You must have secured a job before CPT can be authorized
***Students are not eligible for CPT after completion
of their academic program***
Step 1: Start at Wharton and Employer
 Review and complete the MGMT891:900
registration form and submit it to your Wharton
advising office.
 Procure job offer letter on company letterhead.
 Letter should include: company name, full address
of worksite, job title, dates of employment, duties,
and specify number of work hours per week
Step 2 : Apply On-Line with ISSS
As of April 3:
 Complete the ISSS Wharton Summer CPT Request on iPenn
( using your PennKey.
 Documents that you will need to upload as part of the
 Job offer letter on company letterhead
 I-20, I-94 card*, passport information page
 An e-mail will be sent to your advisor in the
advising/program office to confirm your CPT eligibility and
MGMT891:900 course registration. This will be done
through iPenn.
*Refer to email sent from ISSS on 3/28/13 for updates on new I-94 process
Step 2 Con’td: Apply On-Line with ISSS
 ISSS will issue a new I-20 with your CPT authorization
 Processing time: 3-5 business days (after Wharton
authorizes the CPT request)
 ISSS will e-mail you when your new I-20 is ready for pick
up at the OIP-ISSS front desk
 Request can only be done on-line through iPenn
 For any questions, please see an ISSS Advisor during
advising hours before submitting the request on-line
Dates of Employment
You may not begin your employment including
orientation and training until the start date
authorized on the CPT I-20.
To not violate your legal F-1 status, you must
first obtain this CPT I-20 and only work during
the dates authorized.
CPT Requirements
 Students must complete 20 sessions of MGMT891:900 by
7/15/2013, or remaining CPT will be revoked
 Students must also complete the remaining 20 sessions prior to
9/15/2013. Successful completion of the course is required to
stay in valid immigration status.
 There will be no extensions of the deadlines
 Any changes in CPT employment will require a review and prior
authorization by ISSS
 Any interruption/changes of CPT employment must be reported
to ISSS immediately by email ([email protected])
Thank you!