Lawn boy

Lawn boy
Project by: Evan
Book by: Gary Paulsen
Number of pages
List of events
Lawn boy got his first lawn mower
Lawn boy starts to get costumers
Lawn boy gets a lot of costumers
Lawn boy gets a money manager named Arnold
Arnold buys stocks for Lawn boy
The stocks do really well and they get a lot of money
By the end of the book they have $50,000
Lawn boy tells his parents so they can get the money out of Arnold's bank account
My favorite character
• My favorite character is Lawn boy because if I
were him and my parents were poor I would
probably do the same and try to earn money
not for me but for my parents.
Main character characteristics
• Lawn boy: nice, shy, he never gave up, giving,
and generous
• Arnold: old, giving, caring, spent time for the
Lawn boy, and honest
• I rate this book wwww for wikitastic
• This book made me want to see if he lost all
his money I just wanted to keep reading.
• I learned you can reach your goals even if they
are the hardest goals if you keep trying.
• I recommend this book to everybody but it
might not keep a girls interest.
• The plot of Lawn boy is very exiting. It is
exiting when you find out what happens to his
money. This book is very nerve racking
sometimes when Arnold sais I have good news
and I have bad news. But the bad news is
never to bad. At the beginning you think he is
going to earn like $50 but he gets a lot more
than that read the book to find out how much
money he ends up with. Read this book.
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