Carpenter Ants

Carpenter Ants
by: Sarah 2-105
About Carpenter Ants
 In an carpenter ants its body are
just like you ! Its body parts are
the Head, Thorax, Abdomen .
 In a carpenter ant its easy to see
there three body parts.
Carpenter ants also have eyes,
antennae , and a mouth.
Carpenter ants eyes are not like
yours. Some of us have eyes that
have thousand of lenses. This is
called composite eye.
 In a carpenter ants life cycle is a
tiny egg , Then ,the larva it
keeps growing , next, a pupa,
last a Adult.
What Do Carpenter Ants Eat?
Carpenter ants do not eat wood .Most of their food I
are insects and honeydew , although they will eat
household items like candy , honey , soda pop.
Where Do Carpenter Ant
If you live around trees , and most people do , you probably have
carpenter ants around your home .Carpenter ants are usually large ants,
although the size of the woke car vary in a single colony. Finding a few
carpenter ants in your home each week is not necessarily a sign that you
have an infestation. For again ants roam far and wide looking for food
and occasional ant trapped in a sink or bathroom is common . If there are
trees close to your home , ants can fall or be blown off the tree onto a roof
. They may end up trapped within your home during their journey back
to their nest.
Dose The Carpenter Ant
Has A Way To Protect
 Carpenter ants are among
the largest ants found .
They can be identified. As
the carpenter ants by the
sections on their body , size
, and color , although that
can vary . The carpenter ant
protects itself by using
different defense
mecchanisms in different
situations or sometimes at
More facts about a
carpenter ants !
 Carpenter ants are
important in the balance of
nature because they
burrow and nest in dead
trees and educational
resouce strar egis when a
homeowner is faced with
this problem.
Sources to visit !
http;//www .learner .org/inorth/ search/ monarch. html
All Over The World
Carpenter Ants
 Genus carpenter ants
 Americas carpenter ants
 Japans carpenter ants
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