Study Skills - English file

Exam Dates
• English Language Paper 1: Monday 16th
May a.m.
• English Language Paper2: Wednesday
18th May p.m.
• English Literature: Tuesday 24th May
English Language
• Paper 1- response to unseen nonfiction and a piece of writing to argue,
persuade or advise.
• Paper 2- an essay on the poetry from
different cultures and a piece of
writing to inform, explain or describe.
• Students have already completed 40%
of the course through coursework.
English Literature
• One exam consisting of an essay on the
Literature poetry and an essay on
either ‘Of Mice and Men’ or ‘Lord of
the Flies’.
• Students already have completed 30%
of the course through coursework.
Practical ways to help your
• Give them an article from a newspaper, preferably
a broadsheet, or a leaflet.
• Ask them to summarise the article for you by
putting it into their own words.
• Ask them to identify 3 facts and 3 opinions from the
article and explain how the writer has used these
facts and opinions.
• Make them underline any language features used
e.g. persuasive techniques or descriptive language.
• Ask them to explain to you how the writer has used
presentational devices.
How does the advert use presentational devices to
persuade people to visit McDonalds?
You should write about:
•The target audience of the advert;
•How the message of the advert is told through the
•What dominant colours are used and why;
•How the language fits in with the picture and the specific
language features used.
Revision Classes
• Every Tuesday after school. There is a
session for those being entered for the
higher tier and those being entered for
the foundation tier.
• English Language revision on Tuesday
12th April 10.00am-1.30pm.
• English Literature revision on
Wednesday 13th April 10.00am-1.30pm.
Revision Materials
• Revision materials will be provided in
preparation for the exams.
• CGP guides on ‘Of Mice and Men’, ‘Lord of
the Flies’ and the Literature Poetry are
available in book shops and online.
• Copies of the set texts are available to buy
from the school.
• Film copies of ‘Of Mice and Men’ and ‘Lord
of the Flies’ are available online and provide
accurate adaptations.