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The Summer of the Beautiful
White Horse
William Saroyan
 The story written by W. Saroyan
deals with his childhood experiences
among the Armenian-American fruit
growers and talks of their being
uprooted from their native place. The
humorous story deals with two young
Armenian boys who foray away from
the values of their race. They give up
on their faith, truth and honesty for
which their tribe is famous.
Fruit growers
Armenian boys
Mourad’s Crazy Streak : Khosrove
 Inherited from his uncle, Mourad
always said that he had a way with
birds, animals etc. Mourad did not
believe in curbing his desires. He was
fond of living life to the full. Inspite of
his crazy streak and his spirited
living, he did not deem it right to risk
his family’s name for the sake of a
stolen horse.
White horse
Hallmarks of Garoghlanians :
 Honesty , truth , integrity-These they
upheld even in the face of object
poverty. For eleven centuries these
features had been religiously
safeguarded from one generation to
Uncle Khosrove
 A natural descendant of the crazy
streak of their tribe. With a booming
voice that always roared, uncle
Khosrove could be easily irritated. He
was impatient by nature, gentle at
heart and never thought of harming
anyone. To all the problems that
befell him, his attitude would be :
“pay no attention to it.”
Answer briefly:
 Why did Aram justify Mourad’s act?
Ans. Because stealing a horse for riding was different from
selling it.
 How did Aram conclude that Mourad had the horse for a
long time?
Ans. Aram could not manage the horse on his own, Mourad
could, he knew a place for hiding it.
 Who was John Byro?
Ans. Assyrian farmer, owner of the stolen white horse, surrey
rendered useless.
 Describe the boy’s encounter with John Byro?
Ans. John studies horse carefully, feels it is his lost horse,
inspects teeth, asks name, concludes it as twin of his horse.
 Why did Mourad returns the horse?
Ans. Mourad’s conscience shaken, family name at stake, ties the
horse in Byro’s barn.
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