Nicole Young
Ms. Lucas
Spring 2013
Fractions-Making Fair Shapes
By: Michele Koomen
 This is a book that I would use in my Fractions unit. This book gives
the definition of one whole all the way to sixths. This is a great
resource. It has a glossary in the back and descriptions of what
different terms mean. This is a book that I would allow students to
look at and read though independently. There are great pictures and
large words for them to be able to read. This would be a learning tool
and something for student to refer back to when working on class
Eating Fractions
By: Bruce McMillan
 Eating fractions is a great book for the introduction of fractions to a
class. This book has very minimal words and very large pictures. The
book uses pictures to illustrate pictures of food that is broken into
fractions. I would use this book at the beginning of the unit to show
pictures for students to be able to visual the new concepts. After
going though the book and new terms a few times the students
would be able to read this independently.
Fraction Action
By: Loreen Leedy
 This is a text that is a higher level than students in a kindergarten
class would be capable of comprehending. The teacher would read
this book after many terms have already been explained. This is a
nonfiction book with a plot while the other two books are nonfiction
with realistic pictures. This book uses an illustrator to draw the
pictures rather than photographs. The students would really enjoy
reading this because they would understand many of the concepts
and it would make them feel good about how smart they are.
Fraction Fun
By: David A. Adler
Illustrated by: Nancy Tobin
 Fraction Fun is a very educational book that has fun pictures to go
along with the text. I would use this book throughout the unit and
read a page a day that goes along with the learning goals that were
being focused on. The reading level is above that of a kindergarten
student. This would be a great book to use with students who do not
understand a certain concept related to the unit. It takes the
fractions step by step and put it into “kid” terms. This is a great
Fractions Are Parts of Things
By: J. Richard Dennis
 This is much more of a complex text in comparison to the others. I
would use this book with the higher students who are grasping the
concepts very well. This book does not have as many colors and
pictures. There are some question based pages, this would be a good
thing who students who are gifted and talented. I would use this for
an extra activity to bring literacy into the unit.
Fraction Trees
By: Unknown
 This is a really fun and great literacy application for the unit. Poems
are a great way for students to be exposed to literacy without it
being overwhelming. This will give them a catching beat to help
them remember the concepts and the meanings behind them. I will
use the at the beginning of a lesson to get the students engaged.
Alligator Fractions
By: Jennifer Fixman
 This is a very fun and interactive poem for teaching fractions. I would
use this as a warm up activity during my TWS unit. I would also turn
this into an assignment for an integrated lesson. I would have
students create their own poems related to fractions. This would
bring in great aspects of literacy but also allow them to make their
new understanding of fractions concrete. This is a great resource.
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