Kindergarten Insect/Bug Report

Kindergarten Insect/Bug Report
Dear Parent(s)/Guardian(s):
I am excited to announce that your child will be conducting a mini Insect/Bug Report. Each
child will choose an insect out of the five that I have chosen in advance:
bee, ladybug, spider, dragonfly, snail.
Your child has chosen __________ as his/her insect/bug.
Please help your child look for information from books in the library or on the Internet. This is
considered a family project; however the work should primarily be completed by your
child. Please be sure that your child answers the following questions about the insect/bug
and is prepared to talk about their insect/bug in class and what they have learned. I would
suggest practicing!
•What is the name of your insect/bug?
•How does your insect/bug look like? What are some body parts?
•What is the life cycle of your insect/bug? (e.g., First egg, next larva, then chrysalis, finally
•What does your insect/bug eat?
•Where does your insect/bug live?
Your child will need to create a visual representation of this information in one of the
following ways:
•Poster: Use a standard piece of poster board (22” x 28”) in any colour.
•Book: Use drawings, printed pictures, or magazine cut-outs to illustrate a book written by
your child using the facts collected.
•Diorama: Use a shoebox and to make a 3D representation of your animal. Add facts
around the sides and back!
•Mobile: Facts and pictures can be creatively displayed and hung from the ceiling. Hangers
and yarn work well, but don’t limit yourself!
•Power Point Presentation: Display pictures and facts about the animal (with help of course!)
•3D Model: Your child can create a model of the animal and its habitat using plasticine.
•Other: Maybe your child has another idea of a way to creatively display his/her learning.
Please let us know what you have in mind – I’d love to add new ideas to this list!
The final project is due May 29.
Feel free to send in finished projects before then! Also, I have attached on the next page
the success criteria for the project, which is what your child should be able to do to be
successful! Please contact me if you have any questions about this project. But most of all…
HAVE FUN! This is a great opportunity to share in your learning with your child!
Ms. Li
Teacher Candidate
Success Criteria for an
Insect/Bug Report
• I can use photos,
illustrations, drawings, words,
or 3D models to present my
• I can tell others the facts
about my insect/bug.
• I can speak with a clear and
loud voice.
• I can turn in the project on