Bee Keeping Proposal


Beekeeping Proposal

By Erica and Danielle


 To create a sustainable business plan for beekeeping

 Business plan should be replicable for different business proposals

 Use the business plan as framework to start producing and selling honey

Big Picture Questions

Paul we need your help with these!

 Will the revenue go to the youth, center, or both?

 What is the scale of this business plan?

 What is the timeline for this project?

Project Definition

 The purpose of this project is to develop a successful honey production and distribution business plan. The main components of the process include beekeeping, honey refining, sales and marketing, production and distribution and business considerations.


 This aspect includes:

 Finding and maintaining honey bee colonies

 Extracting honey comes for further refinery

 Educating the youth on proper beekeeping techniques

 Safety

Honey Refining

 This aspect includes:

 All refining processes

 Quality control of the honey

 Maintenance of the equipment

 Teaching the youth the technical skill of refining the honey

Sales & Marketing

 This aspect includes:

 Locating the buyers and sellers for the finished products

 Marketing the product to consumers

 How much the product will sell for

Production & Distribution

 This aspect includes:

 Cost of production

 How and when to scale up the business

 Labor

 Where the products will be sold

Business Considerations

 This aspect includes:

 How to apply for loans/access to money

 How to manage money

 Basic accounting skills


Paul we need your help with these!

 Things needed to move forward are:

 On the ground key informant

 Weekly contact with the key informant

 Requirement analysis questions answered

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