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Knut Relbe-Moe (Avega Group)
How to integrate Visio 2013 and
Visio Services 2013 with SharePoint
to create process maps, and BI
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Lead Solution Architect
Technical Lead SharePoint
Avega Group AS, Oslo,
Microsoft Certified Trainer
Founder of NIWUG
Knut Relbe-Moe
Twitter: @sharePTkarm
[email protected]
Skype: shareptkarm
Mobile: 0047-98224609
My Experience:
 SharePoint evangelist, mentor, speaker
 Old developer, turned Architect / ITPro
 Have worked with SharePoint since the 2003 version.
 Worked with several clients upgrading their solution from 2007/2010 to 2013.
 Works as a Lead Architect and advisor creating SharePoint Farm architecture/infrastructure on many
projects. With up to 25.000 users.
 Worked with automating the installation and configuration of SharePoint.
I’m proud to work for:
What is Visio services
Configuring Visio Services
Why Visio Services
SharePoint integration options
Demo - How to create a Visio Drawing and show it in the Visio Webpart
How it works
How is the rendering possible
Demo - Visio connecting processes
Key Visualization Features
Demo - Building A Simple BI Dashboard With Visio 2013 And Visio Services
Demo - Commenting
What is JSOM
Summary / Next
What is Visio Services
 Visio Services in SharePoint 2013 enables you to load, display, and
interact programmatically with Visio files on SharePoint Server 2013 and
Microsoft SharePoint Online.
Configuring Visio
• Create a Visio Graphics Service service
application in SharePoint Server 2013.
• 2 options:
1. Create using Central administration
1. Need to be member of Farm administrator group
2. New Visio Graphics Service
2. Create using Powershell
1. Need to have minimum ADD-SPShellAdmin
2. Windows PowerShell command prompt (that is,
PS C:\>), type the following command and press
New-SPVisioServiceApplication -Identity “<VisioGraphicsServiceName>” ServiceApplicationPool “SharePoint Web Services Default” -AddToDefaultGroup
Why Visio Services
Renders diagrams in the browser
High quality PNG for full fidelity
No depends on Silverlight
Native support for Visio file format
Diagram consumers doesn’t need a Visio Client
Available across devices using desktop browsers
and mobile browsers
Users interact with content
Pan, Zoom, Hyperlinks, View Shape Data
Accessible only via SharePoint
On Premise / Office 365
Why Visio Services
Refresh and recalculate data from
Multiple external sources
Configure using the Data linking wizard
in the client
All shapes visually refresh – not just the data Graphics
Data drives Shape Behavior
Integrated into SharePoint solutions
Extensible using the JavaScript API and Web
part connections
SharePoint integration options
• Visio Web Access Web Part
• Build a custom page focused on a particular diagram and customize the user
• Web Part Connections
• Set up connections between webparts to enable predetermenied integration scenarios
• JavaScript Mash-Up API
• Write custom dash board using JavaSript, etc
Demo - How to create a Visio
Drawing and show it in the Visio
All demos will later be available on my website:
How it works: Visio Service Architecture
Visio Web
Custom Data
Web Part
Visio JSOM
Mash-Up API
Web Front End
Visio Proxy
Application Server
Visio Graphics Service
SP Lists
How it works: Creating a Visio Solution
• Create Diagram
• Use Data Linking
and Data Graphics
Save VSDX file to
SharePoint Server 2013
or Office 365
• View diagram in web browser
• Opens diagram in Visio
Data Source
• SharePoint List apps
• Excel Services
• SQL Server
• Click Refresh to update
data graphics
• Data refresh can be
automated by setting
interval time
How is rendering possible
 New file format
 Supported by all Visio 2013 editions
 PNGs generated by Visio Services
 Supports everything
 Shape data
 Hyperlinks
 Images and clipart
 Files are read only on the server (except for commenting)
 Updates are cached per user session
Visio connecting processes
All demos will later be available on my blog:
Key Visualization
• Data linking
• Import data to your diagram
• The data is cached in the VSDX file for
portability / offline use
• Link data to shapes
• Link record replicated in Shape Data
Key Visualization
• Data graphics
• Surface Shape Data values
• Represhable shape geometry
• Icon sets
• Text Callouts
• Data bars
• Color by value
• Shape behavior
• All Visio shapes are evaluted for
• Build Shapes that repond to data
Drive geometry, formatting, text etc via
the ShapeSheet
Supported refreshable data sources
• SharePoint On-Premise
• Office 365
Data Source Best Practices
Data Source Best Practices
• SharePoint Lists are an easy yet powerful
data source
• Same farm as the Visio diagram
• User needs read access to the list
• Get your data in a list and VGS can refresh
from it
Manual Edit
SharePoint Workflow
Timer Job
Web Service
PowerShell Script
Applications or Services
Data Source Best Practices
• BCS allows you to configure external
content types for connecting to
External SQL DBs
SQL On Premises
SQL Azure
WCF Services
Custom .NET providers
• External Lists are fully supported in
Visio 2013
• BCS add-in for 2010
Data Source Best Practices
• Support for SQL Server 7.0 –> 2012
• + SQL Azure
• No Analysis Services or Reporting Services
• at least not directly
• Tables & Views
• provided via Visio Data Linking dialog
• Can we refresh from Stored Procedures?
• Yes!
• Not available in the Visio client UI for the SQL
data source option
• Configure BCS to execute the stored procedure
– connect Visio via External List
Data Source Best Practices
• Server Code
• .NET assembly deployed to the GAC and
registered as a Trusted Data Provider for the
Visio Services service application
• Implements AddonDataHandler
• Returns a .NET DataSet object to Visio Services
• Client Code
• Create and maintain the record set
• Set the ConnectionString so Visio Services
knows to call your data provider
• Example: Visio add-in for System Center
2012 Operations Manager
Demo - Building A Simple
BI Dashboard With Visio 2013 And
Visio Services
All demos will later be available on my blog:
 Commenting using the Client
 View and Edit comments in the Client
 Commenting using Visio Services
 View and Edit comments in the browser
 Allows teams to get feedback without installing the client
 Comments stored as part of the Visio file (.vsdx)
 Backward compability
 Old comments converted to new for the new file format
 New comments converted to old for old clients
Demo - Commenting
All demos will later be available on my blog:
What is JSOM
• What is JSOM?
• A JavaScript based object model for communicating with the
Visio Web Access web part
Web Part Page
Content Editor
Web Part
Document Library
File containing JScript
Visio Diagram
Visio Web
Access Web
What is JSOM
• What can you do with it?
Read shape data, hyperlinks, comments
Select shapes
Add highlights and overlays (HTML + HTML5)
Respond to mouse events
Change the pan and zoom settings
Navigate pages and diagrams ( drill down )
Demo - Visio & Web Part
Connections to Highlight
All demos will later be available on my blog:
Easy to set up
Easy to create diagrams with Visio
Need Enterprise License
Visio provides lots of tools to create diagrams
• Callouts
• Stock graphics
• Use other images
• Excel Services
• Requires additional considerations
• Users
• Interaction
• No need for client
Thank you!
Chris Hopkins
Thomas Browet
Alan Richards
Don Kirkham
Bjørn-Harald Rapp
Want more information/Deep dive?
• Chris Hopkins blog:
• Can find much information on Internet, Microsoft have many Visio Webinars
• Technet:
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