Characterisation in Juno

Characterisation in Juno
List the characters in the film. You should have a list
of at least 6. For each character, write:
One adjective you would use to describe them.
Word(s) another character would use to describe
Their most important moment in Juno.
Characterisation in Juno
We are learning to:
 Explain how characters are developed in the text.
 Use visual language terms to discuss aspects of the
This Week:
 Character Study.
Essay on Character.
Characterisation in Juno
We learn about characters in texts through things
they do, things they say, and things others say
about them.
In film texts, visual language features are also
used to communicate ideas about characters.
Characterisation in Juno
Character Study: instructions on your worksheet to
construct a profile of a character from Juno.
I suggest you choose Juno, Vanessa or Mark, as
these characters have the most impact on the
narrative of the film.
Complete activities 1-3.
Characterisation in Juno
e.g. Juno
 Actions: decides to keep the baby without
discussing it with anyone else first
Conclusion: she is independent
Adjectives/Phrases: independent
Evidence: decides to keep the baby without
discussing it with anyone else first
Characterisation in Juno
Essay #1: Character in Juno.
Describe at least ONE character or individual who
played an important role in the text(s).
Explain why the character(s) or individual(s) was
important in the text(s) as a whole. Discuss
visual / oral text features in your response.
Characterisation in Juno
Construct a plan for this essay. You can choose the
character you write about.
You should aim to write three paragraphs, about
three different visual/oral techniques.
I will check your plans tomorrow; we will write the
essay in class on Friday 26th.
Characterisation in Juno
Copy the quote and describe the scene:
 Juno: “I was looking for, maybe, a thirty-something
graphic designer with a cool Asian girlfriend who kicks
ass on the bass guitar, but I don't know, I don't wanna
get too particular”.
 Gerta: “So how far along are you?”
Juno: “I'm a junior.”
 Vanessa: “Your parents are probably wondering where
you are.”
Juno: “Nah... I mean, I'm already pregnant, so what
other kind of shenanigans could I get into?”
Characterisation in Juno
Today we are learning to:
 Explain the process of characterisation.
 Explain how visual features are used to develop
Characterisation in Juno
Visual Feature: tracking
camera shot to show
Juno moving through the
crowds at school.
At first, she must push
through; with a pregnant
belly, the crowds part
for her.
This shows how Juno has
changed, and how her
peers see her.
Characterisation in Juno
Visual Feature:
costume - the red
hoodie, matched with
the red liquorice
Shows Juno at her
lowest emotionally.
Mimed suicide
Characterisation in Juno
Visual Feature: colour
– the grey shades of
Adds to the gloomy,
low feeling in this
Mirrors a scene later in
the film, when Juno is
upset and wearing her
red hoodie again.
Characterisation in Juno
Visual Feature: close up
of the intimacy between
Mark and Juno.
The relationship
between Mark and
Oral Feature: dialogue
“I want things to be
Shows Juno’s frustration
at events out of her
Characterisation in Juno
Visual Feature:
costume both Mark
and Vanessa are
dressed up. Most
importantly, Mark is
dressed in a similar
style to Vanessa.
This shows Mark’s
relationship to Vanessa
is strong.
Characterisation in Juno
Visual Feature: costume
at this point, Mark and
Juno are dressed almost
Is Mark dressing like
Juno? Is he dressing like
he really wants to, not
how Vanessa wants him
Shows close relationship
between Mark and
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