Toilets in Japan (PPT)


Toilets in Japan

Who knew we could spend a whole lesson talking about toilets!?

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• Take a look at the following images of toilets in Japan.

• Consider the questions and comments you see on each slide.

Do you notice anything different?

Japanese Toilet, by ElCapitanBSC CC BY-SA 2.0

Maybe we need to read the instructions first, to see how it works!

how to use the japanese-style toilet, by Yuya Tamai CC BY 2.0

This one looks a bit more familiar, but what’s happening up the top there?

Japanese Toilet, by Peter Mottola CC BY 2.0

Japanese toilets - Toilettes Japonaises, by BrainWashers CC BY-SA 2.0

See close-up on next slide.

Check this one out! What do you think all those buttons are for?

Pretty cool, eh?

Japanese Toilet Settings, by justgrimes CC BY-SA 2.0

I wonder why they need instructions on how to use a toilet like ours?

Japanese Toilet Signs, by Danny Choo CC BY-SA 2.0