The Bean Trees
by Barbara Kingsolver
The Bean Trees is a novel about a girl growing up and
struggling to make a life for herself. She deals with
being alone for the first time, is responsible for the life
of another person, (her daughter Turtle) and most
importantly, learns about love. Taylor Greer leaves
small town Pittman, Kentucky to see what the world
has to offer her and encounters many adventures on
the way. Turtle is a very important character in the
book and she has an impact on the life of Taylor,
making the things that she said about beans and bean
trees important also. Being that the bean tree had
never been seen before, it can represent something
new, like Taylor and Turtle's life together.
Requirements: All work must pass with a 75% or better.
Each chapter requires a set of answers to the given questions.
The answers need to be written in complete sentences (this means
including the questions with in the answers).
Each chapter has vocabulary words that have three requirements.
Please read the directions on the vocabulary page.
There is a required activity to be done once the book is completed.
A Final is required to complete the book requirements.
Please note; all written materials must be:
In Microsoft Word,
Spell and grammar checked
Written in complete sentences (including spelling definitions)
Sent in electronically to your teacher.
Please save your work frequently and save a copy for yourself.
The Bean Trees
Chapters 1-2
Chapter 1
1. How did the narrator get her job at the hospital?
2. What happened to Newt Hardbine?
3. How did the narrator choose her name?
4. Where did Taylor travel to and how did she get there?
5. How did Taylor get the baby?
6. Tell me about the baby. What was wrong with it? What sex? How old?
Chapter 2
7. Who was Lou Ann married to and what was wrong with him?
8. What did Lee Sing mean by “New Year’s Pig”?
9. What were Lou Ann’s mother’s feelings about whom Lou Ann had married?
10. What happened to Angel and when?
Write the definition of each word, follow it by writing the sentence it is used in in the
book, and then create a sentence of your own using the same meaning.
Chapter 1
 Page 5 prissing
 Page 12 scuttle
 Page 22 plaits
Chapter 2
 Page 36 prosthesis
 Page 39 conniption
 Page 43 transients
Choose a project from the Project Table and
turn in into your teacher. Please remember
that you cannot do a project that you have
previously done for another book.