Modeh Ani - Miss Emily Celebrates

Rm 2048 Emily Aronoff Teck
This experiential workshop will model songs and
strategies to engage young children with the
Shacharit liturgy and themes inspired by that liturgy.
Participants will be asked to discover their inner
child as we pray, sing, dance, move and learn
together. The focus of the workshop will be
employing participants with transferable skills so
that they can implement these musical, prayerful
experiences with children in classroom or morning
"Tot Shabbat" settings.
Singin’ Circletime Shacharit will expose young
children to the concepts and ideas that are
foundational to an understanding of a Jewish prayer
service. A planned, guided set of experiences
organized around listening, singing, moving,
breathing and learning with the following tunes that
will transmit knowledge of Judaism to the student
through music. This experience is a piece of a
foundation for young children or a supplement to
other prayer experiences for older community
Emily Aronoff Teck
How good it is, how sweet it is, sitting with my sisters
and brothers
How good it is, how sweet it is, in peace with one
Modeh Ani
Modeh Modeh Modeh Ani
I’m as grateful
As I can be
Wake up each morning
First thing to say
Is thank you to God
For this day
Thank you for____________
Thank you for____________
Thank you for ____________
Thank you for ____________
Emily Aronoff Teck
Emily Aronoff Teck
Oh My God- Your work is great
These tents, of Jacob’s They are first rate
Oh My God, Awesome is your space
Please bless me when I’m in this place
A mean King named Balak sent Balaam,
his not nice friend
To say mean things to Jewish people,
he wanted us to end
With a Donkey as a helper,
he didn’t do what the King said
When Balaam opened up his mouth,
he made a blessing instead
With God’s help the Jewish people
have stayed alive and strong
We love God and God’s work,
we praise God in this song
We remember this story,
when we gather to pray
We sing a prayer in Hebrew,
this is what we say
Ma tovu ohalekha Ya'akov, mishk'notekha Yisrael
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Let it In, Let it Out- Elohai
Let it in, let it out, don’t keep that breath inside
Let it in, let it out, please share your soul
Elohai, My God
Neshama, My Soul
Shenatatabi, That you gave to me
T’horah, T’hora hi- is made with purity
Emily Aronoff Teck
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I Like God/Ashrey
I like God and God Likes me, We share a life so happily
We live together, Day by day, When I’m with God I know its all OK
And that’s why we say
Ashrey Yoshevetecha
Od ya halelucha sela
Good and Mighty, Just and true
That why I’m singing Halelu
I like God and God likes me, From my lips I praise daily
When I rise and when I lay, gratefully I always pray
And that why we say
I like God and God Likes me, Gives us opportunity
To pick the role we want to play as we fix the world without delay
And that why we say
Emily Aronoff Teck and Max Jared
Emily Aronoff Teck
Making Music! (inspired by Psalm 150)
We’re making music, We’re making music,
We’re making music today
We’re making music, We’re making music,
We’re making music, we really know how to play
We’re making music, We’re making music,
We’re making music, and it is one way to pray
Kol haneshama, tehalalya- halelu yah!
Praise God with my …….. Haleluyah!
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God, God, God
By: Ellen Allard
Hear God
See God
Smell God
Taste God
Touch God
Know God
Feel God
One God
Everyone God
Up up up, Down down down
God is all, All around
Up up up, Down down down
God is all, all around
In in in, Out out out
God is all, all about.
In in in, Out out out
God is all, all about.
You you you, Me me me
In each of us it's plain to see
You you you, Me me me
In each of us it's plain to see
Emily Aronoff Teck
To infinity, to infinity and beyond, I will praise you.
To infinity, to infinity and beyond- Bar’chu
Bar'chu et Adonai
Baruch Adonai ha'mvorach l'olam va'ed
God Echad
Emily Aronoff Teck
Your God is My God
And My God is your God
Our God is echad
Echad means one
Emily Aronoff Teck
Sh’ma Yisrael
Adonai Eloheinu
Sh’ma Yisrael
Adonai Echad
Listen Everyone
Adonai Our God is One
Listen Everyone
Adonai Our God is One
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Emily Aronoff Teck
La la la la la…love God
La la la la la…love God
(echo lyrics, 2x each)
Teach these words, in your home
Ahava, shalom
La la la….
With all your heart, with all your might
With all your soul, through day and night
La la la…
When you wake up, When you go to bed
Write it on your door, keep it in your head
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Open My Mouth
Emily Aronoff Teck
Oh God, I open my mouth to pray
Please hear what I have to say
I praise you…..
Adonai S’fatai Tiftach Ifi yagid t’hilatecha
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Holy, Holiness- Ellen Allard
All around (all around)
Everywhere (everywhere)
All around, everywhere
Holy, holiness.
In the highest sky (in the highest sky)
In the deepest sea (in the deepest sea)
In the highest sky, in the deepest sea
Holy, holiness.
In my heart (in my heart)
In your soul (in my soul)
In my heart, in your soul
Holy, holiness.
In all we do (in all we do)
In all we are (in all we are)
In all we do, in all we are
Holy, holiness.
Every step (every step)
Every breath (every breath)
Every step, every breath
Holy, holiness.
As with me (as with me)
So with you (so with you)
As with me, so with you
Holy, holiness.
All around (all around)
Everywhere (everywhere)
All around, everywhere
Holy, holiness.
Emily Aronoff Teck
Make Peace- Oseh Shalom
We’re gonna make peace in this world,
peace in this world peace in this world
We’re gonna share love in this world,
love in this world, love in this world
We’re gonna pray for this world,
pray for this world,pray for this world
Please God, make peace in this world,
peace in this world, peace in this world
Oseh Shalom, Bimromav hu yaaseh shalom aleinu
Emily Aronoff Teck
If I’m feeling mad or sad
I know there’s a cure
Make a list of “Thank Yous”
I’ll feel better for sure
When I cannot think of
A reason not to frown
Just look around or ask a friend
Count your blessings all around
I’m so full of Thank Yous I feel great
I feel great, I feel grateful
I’m so full of Thank Yous I feel great
I feel great, I feel grateful
Celebrate “thanks-giving” every day,
or at least every week
You’ll find reasons to share a smile
when “thank yous” we speak
I’ll say thank you for _____________ More than using manners
Bigger than being polite
Say thank you for ________________ Living a truly grateful way
(repeat until everyone participated) Will help you sleep at night
To utilize music as a tool to teach Jewish
values, prayer and concepts in Early Childhood
To empower all educators with the tools
necessary to access and engage with Jewish
To provide multi modal learning Jewish music
learning experiences that will empower young
students to engage with their Judaism.
Students will be able to retain basic facts about
key Jewish liturgical prayers and concepts
Students will build positive associations with
Judaic learning
Students will have the ability to engage with
their families through prayer and music
Jewish music transmits information and
culture simultaneously
Musical elements in a single piece has
the ability to be developmentally
appropriate for a wide range of ages and
abilities, allowing children and their
families to engage meaningfully together
Technology allows the easy and
enjoyable sharing of the work of students
with their community
Jewish music learning is foundational to
future prayer experiences
sing a repertoire of Jewish songs and prayers to display confidence,
expression and an awareness of musical elements such as pitch and
Sing alone and with others
Articulate, when prompted, basic Jewish concepts and ideas
embedded within the Jewish morning service
explore vocal sounds, use the voice to imitate sounds and
communicate feelings, develop language and speech through new
vocabulary acquisition in song lyrics
sing in unison simple songs of an appropriate pitch range in their
entirety and from memory
explore and make choices about sound
express the meaning of songs through movement, art and discussion
explore concepts such as pitch, rhythm, tempo, duration and
dynamics through the use of instruments and utilization of voice
Curriculum experts Wiggins and McTighe created this
visual to illustrate their curricular approach “Learning by
Design” This is additionally helpful because it provide
clear levels of modifications for older students or student
who use the same songs and prayers for multiple years.
Modeh Ani, Mah Tovu, Ashrei, Bar’chu,
Sh’ma, V’ahavta, Shalom
Be Grateful, You’ll be happy. God is
awesome, talk to with God. We are
Ani, Mah
to Help
is one
Bar’chu, Sh’ma,
Mi God
we’ll love
Thanks, God. You are
good. You made me. I am
special. Look for
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