The Harms of Facebook

Following instructions of the Khalifatul Masih (aa)
[24:55] Say, ‘Obey Allah, and obey the
Messenger.’ But if you turn away, then
upon him is his burden, and upon you
is your burden. And if you obey him,
you will be rightly guided. And the
messenger is not responsible but for
the plain delivery of the Message.
Obedience done with sincerity and
Example of Hadrat Isma’il (as):
O my father, do as thou art commanded!
If you are obedient, you will be guided to the
right path.
Reward of obedience: Khilafat
Since no one can live forever, Allah the
Exalted ordained that the Añbiya’ , who are
the most honourable and the best people of
the earth, continue their existence upon the
earth by way of reflection. For this purpose,
God instituted Khilāfat so that the world
should at no time be deprived of the
blessings of the nubuwwat. [Shahadatul
The Holy Prophet (sa) said:
“A person who keeps away from the Jamā‘at a
yard, he dies the death of ignorance”.
Hadrat Miqdad bin Aswad (ra): O Prophet of
Allāh! We will not say what the people of
Moses as said that you and your Lord should
go and fight, and we will sit here. Instead, we
will fight on your right, and on your left. And
from your front and from your back.
Hadrat Sa’d bin Rabī‘ ra
He follows me in every matter just as the
pulse follows the heart beat. And I see that he
is like one annihilated in my will.
You – who are called the Jamā‘at of Masīh
Mau‘ūd as – wish to meet the Jamā‘at of the
Sahaba should adopt the practice of the
Sahaba. If there should be obedience, it
should be like theirs. If there should be love
and brotherhood, it should be like theirs.
Therefore, in every way, in every form, you
should adopt the practice of the Sahaba.
Jalsa Salana Germany 2011: Hudhur (aa)
expressed strong dislike for the use of
Facebook invites one to indecent behaviour
and evil practices
Facebook compromises privacy
Moral degradation due to use of Facebook
Bring people to the path of Righteousness
Tell friends and family about the harms of
May Allah Ta’ala safeguard all of us from the
harms of Facebook! Amin!
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