Presentation on Valmiki

Valmiki : Introduction to an Indian saint
Maharshi Valmiki referred as
Adi Kavi and he is considered
as father of Indian Poetry. He is
famous as the author of
Ramayan consisting of 24,000
•He was born to sage Prachetasa, was called as
Ratnakar in his childhood.
• One day he got lost in the forest and was adopted by
a hunter.
•Ratnakar was trained to be an excellent hunter by his
foster father.
•He married to a girl from hunter ‘s family and as his
family got large. He found impossible to feed the
•To support the family Ratnakar began looting people
passing from one village to another. Continued------
Turning Point
•Ratnakar happened to attack Sage Narad who was
passing through the jungle.
•Sage Narad questioned him why he was committing so
many sins?
•Ratnakar replied that it was for his family
•Sage Narad question whether his family would share
•Ratnakar replied that his family would share sins too.
•Sage Narad asked him to get the confirmation from his family.
•When Ratnakar went home asked his family about sharing the
sins, nobody agreed from his family.
•This incident taught him about the selfish nature of everyone in
the world.
•Ratnakar went back to Sage Narad and asked “How he could
attain Absolute Truth or God?”
•By Sage Narad suggestion Ratnakar tried to chant “Rama” but
due to his sins he could not.
•Sage Narad suggested him to chant “MA RA” until he returned.
When Naradji returned after few years
guess what ?-----
He found Ratnakar covered by anthill while he was
deep in chanting.
Sage Narad blessed him and began to be called
Valmiki is a Sanskrit word anthill.
Valmiki’s Contribution to Society
Once Valmiki was going to River Ganga for
a bath,he looked at the clear water and
compared it to the mind of good man.
While saying about the mind of good man,
he saw two birds flying overhead and he
relished the joyous .
When one of the bird was hit by hunter’s
arrow and fell down dead, Valmiki was sad
and he composed a Sanskrit Verse which
means ,” You will find no rest for the rest of
eternity since you have killed this
unsuspecting bird couple while they were
absorbed in love”.
•Brahma then gave him vision
to foresee leelas of Lord
Shree Ram and asked him to
write Ramayan.
• He made ashram in the
forest and wrote Ramayan.
•He wrote the Ramayan
before the actual dissension
of Lord Ram.
•He continued to reside there
till dissension of Shree Ram
to took place.
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Bal Mukund
1. Who is known as father of Indian Poetry?
2. What is the name of famous Hindu scripture written
by saint Valmiki?
3. How many verses/shlokas are in the Ramayan?
4. What was the childhood name of Valmiki?
5. Why he was raised by a hunters family?
6. How did Ratnakr support need of his family?
7. What happened when Ratankar attacked sage Narad?
Bal mukund
1. What was sage Narad suggest to
2. Where did Narad found Ratnakar when he
came to check on him?
3. Who gave the name Valmiki to Ratnakar?
4. What does Valmiki word stand for?
5. Who gave vision to sage Valmiki to write
6. Did valmiki get a chance to meet Lord
7. Who were the first disciple of saint Valmiki?