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Be Successful in Class
Microsoft, 2011
9th Grade
Skills Needed for Post-Secondary
• What are some study tips or
strategies we talked about last
class for preparing for a test?
• Which study strategy did you
try since last class?
• What went well? What didn’t
go well? What might you do
differently? Which other
technique might you try?
Microsoft, 2011
• What are some self-management strategies
we discussed a few classes ago?
– Which have you tried? How has it gone?
• What are some note-taking and reading
strategies that we learned about two classes
– Which have you tried? How has it gone?
1. What are two
strategies for being an
active listener?
2. What is one way to
advocate for yourself
now and in college?
Be a Successful Student
• Tip 7 for Success in High
School and College is to
attend every class
• Tip 8 is to advocate for
– Both of these tips will be
important for succeeding
in your classes.
Microsoft, 2011
– Today, we’ll discuss strategies for not just
attending class but actively engaging in class and
getting the most from it.
Microsoft, 2011
Dear Counselor
Dear Counselor,
I usually do very well in classes that
are interesting to me and poorly when
they aren’t. Right now I have a
required history class that is truly a
sleeper, yet I can’t afford to fail it.
Every time I go to class I have every
intention of listening, however,
halfway through the hour I’m looking
at the clock on the wall waiting for it to
be over. Help! I need to make myself
listen - at least well enough to pass.
Are some people naturally good
listeners? Or is it something I can
-Distracted in 109
Microsoft, 2011
Counselor’s Advice
1. Prepare to listen
2. Sit at the front of
the room
3. Be a good note
taker (You know
how to do this!)
4. Ask questions
5. Keep an open mind
6. Practice regularly
Microsoft, 2011
Active Listening Activity
Answer – Box 1
Answer – Box 2
Answer – Box 3
Answer – Box 4
• Complete the reflection on paper
Microsoft, 2011
• How successful were you in following all of the
• What kept you from being successful? (Or what
helped you to be successful?)
• What lesson does your performance on this task
teach you about becoming a better
• What could have helped you to be more
• How could asking for clarification have helped?
• Part of being a good student in class is
advocating for yourself.
• Just like being a good listener requires asking
questions when you have them, being a
successful student requires asking for help
when you need it.
• In college, you need to seek out help, so start
Self-Advocacy - Discuss
• Who can you turn to for help…
– With schoolwork?
– With personal problems?
– With questions about college?
– With medical issues?
• What resources are available at our school to
help prepare for college?
– How do you access those resources?
1. What are two
strategies for being an
active listener?
2. What is one way to
advocate for yourself
now and in college?
• What are some ways to be successful in high
school and college classes?
• What does it mean to be an active listener?
• What does it mean to be a self-advocate?
• Why are these skills important for high
school? For college?
Microsoft, 2011
• Practice active
listening in your
• Check out at least 1
resource our school
offers to help
prepare students for
Microsoft, 2011
• Lybarger, S.K. (2006). Active Listening in the
Classroom. Lexington, KY: University of
Kentucky Counseling and Testing Center.
Retrieved from
• Microsoft Office Images. (2011). Retrieved
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